Photos from our latest Animal Healing Diploma Sept 2019

What previous Graduates are saying….

Can’t believe ours was six years ago 2013…..many happy memories, so many wonderful animals of all shapes and sizes and lifelong friendships as an added bonus…..thank you Elizabeth Whiter for such a life changing adventure and for all those that have followed since and are yet to come xoxoxo Deborah B. Animal Healer& Communicator Equine Massage Therapist Northern Ireland.

Robyn H. NO!! SIX years already!? It was one of the best times – along with all of the courses that I’ve studied with you Elizabeth, and fellow students, Deborah, Denise, Anita, Melanie, Colette, Wendy, Valerie, Margaret, et al. So wonderful to have these skills to share now, and all these friendships to treasure. Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally Wales.