Animal Healing Diploma Student Feedback Module 3 February 2020

What did you enjoy most about his module: RSPCA, meditations, student healing sessions, group animal clients, private animal healings & Anatomy & Physiology

Lovely healing sessions (human). A+P very interesting, Emma outstanding teacher, knowledgeable and kind. So lovely having her dogs to work with us. They kept the mood light and the teaching interesting, using different methods was brilliant. Kathy

RSPCA visit, meditation with Liz, student healing, group animal healing and clients. Ann

Private healing of Coco and her family. I really loved the A+P training and thought Emma and her dogs were brilliant. Charlotte

All of it.  The experiential things, healing the animals at the RSPCA, group + private healing also student healing. Isobel

A+P- Emma was amazing, great to have her for two days Bev

Private Healings and meditations. I missed the first day so wasn’t there for the student healing, would have enjoyed it as well. Agnes

Great to get more hands on experience with a variety of animals. Loved A+P, have done some previously but great refresher and want to look at it more. Millie

Private animal healings and great to get more information hands on practice. Jane

The RSPCA visit. I left privileged to be able to offer healing. Louise

Animal consultation with Elizabeth (Coco). It was a privilege to watch the levels of healing with Coco the dog. Loved A+P! Hands on animal healing, Gong bath was fabulous and RSPCA visit very reassuring. Gillian

Private animal clients – beautiful healing session and I enjoyed the one to one consultation with Amanda and her pugs. RSPCA – interesting, new environment for me and a learning curve. Tilly

What did you enjoy about the RSPCA Visit?

My healing with a cat – she was beautiful & loved the healing and contact. Kathy

Working with the cats and dogs giving healing and satisfied we had all offered some wonderful love and trust. Ann

The way I changed, the way I felt about the whole experience. In the end I found it really opening and that we as a group did a lot of good that day. Charlotte

Chance to watch and observe the behaviour of the cats and dogs, practising working in a busy environment. Isobel

First visit, so great to see how it is run and learned loads. Bev

Sitting with a rescue dog called Arrow and giving her some individual time. We had a wonderful connection and I felt quite humbled by the whole experience Milli

Loved the experience and spending time with these beautiful animals. Jane

Being able to work with dogs and cats in a very different environment and various life experiences. Louise

The chance to visit the RSPCA and do some useful work. Gillian

Spending time with Maggie the cat. We had an immediate connection. There is nothing like hands on experience to really understand healing in a shelter. Tilly

What did you enjoy about having your own private animal clients?

Seeing different clients and learning about the relationship between client & animal. Kathy  

How complex, interesting and how things unfolded during the session. Ann

The relationship between Coco and her family and how much was achieved in the healing session. Charlotte

Getting different experiences with a variety of problems and backgrounds etc. Isobel

Shadowing the consultation from Liz….. Bev

The communication, the bond we create with clients and animals and the actual healing. Agnus

Wonderful to have a private animal client, offer a full consultation and healing and afterwards hearing about everyone’s experiences at the group discussion with Liz. Milli

Great hands on practice, gorgeous people and animals. Jane

The depth of information that we captured in the consultation. Louise

The extent to which the family dynamic, environmental changes were highlighted and solutions found creating a very happy family unit with their pet after the healing session. This module helped me to now go deeper with clients. Gillian

Learning more about the animals and their guardian stories. Tilly

How important is the A&P session to you with understanding animals more?

Really important to help communicate appropriately, particularly with vets. Jane

Very – Invaluable as to what is going on inside  the body when healing different areas. Kathy

Very – when I pick up something energetically I will have a better idea of how the body systems work together. Charlotte

It’s really important to understand how everything works together – all the different systems. Isobel

It was really good, Emma is brilliant. I did study A+P for years but was good to repeat. Agnus

I think it is key to being able to help with conditions that has been firstly diagnosed by the vet, especially in the sense of being able to reassure clients with healing. Milli

I loved it, Emma was brilliant, loved her style and learnt so much. Louise

I had zero knowledge of A+P when I started.  Very well presented and great teaching style from Emma. Helped me concentrate better and also to understand my own animals on a physical level. Gillian

Essential – Bev

I’m sure it will be useful for understanding conditions in the future. Tilly