Relaxing Creative Meditation

Relaxing Creative Meditation Sussex

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Thursday November 15th 2012 8pm to 9.30pm £10 on the door – (Proceeds to Animal Care Egypt)

Elizabeth will take us on a guided creative meditation accompanied by a range of magical sounds. Liz will play a range of soothing tones from Tibetan bowls, Wah Wah bars, the monochord and the incredible Ancient Solfeggio set of chimes – tuned to the matrix of Nature and The Universe. This will feature the 528hz frequency – known as the Love and Miracle frequency, perfectly in-tune with all beings and life.

We are multidimensional beings and meditation helps to gain clarity of thought, galvanise the body and remind us who we truly are. By accessing the stillness within and around us, the mind becomes quieter, a space of silence arises and one feels totally in the NOW. It can be a voyage of self discovery, which enables change to enter your life. Behind closed eyes and seated in a serene ocean of calm one has a panoramic view of the beauty within each and every one of us – sit back and enjoy the ride. Join us in co-creating a powerful evening of pure unconditional LOVE for all.

Please bring photos of any sentient beings you would like to send healing to as we will be creating a powerful vortex of pure LOVE healing energy together to send healing to ALL LIFE

Elizabeth Whiter has been teaching creative meditation for over a decade. Elizabeth loves to use powerful music and natural sounds from the wild to allow participants to fully escape from the stresses of everyday life and has co created a number of CDs including Animal Whispers Sound Therapy for you and your animals, Tibetan Soul Journey, Journey Through The Chakras, Galactic meditation.
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Doors will open at 7.45pm. Meditation will start promptly at 8pm to 9.30pm. £10 on the door.
Attendees that arrive late will not be able to enter once meditation has started.