Relax HAOK9 Massage®

The Relax HAOK9 Massage® course is a unique practical hands on Canine Massage Course tailor made for the Healing Animals Organisation. This certified and insured Continued Professional Development course is ONLY available to Graduates from the one year Diploma in Animal Healing. This is an additional healing skill which complements beautifully the HAO animal healer is offering to our wonderful canine friends. There are only 12 places available to enable the student to receive maximum tuition from HAO professional canine massage tutors and gain the confidence to practise this technique on your canine clients. This adjunct CPD course will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce your client healing practice and animal rescue centres to the benefits of integrating healing with canine massage. If you are interested in enrolling on Relax HAOK9 Massage® students have first to complete the year Diploma in animal healing. Please email for a Diploma prospectus.


Relax HAO K9 Massage November 2020 Level 1

Student Tesimonials

What have you liked about this two day course?

Everything! Especially working hands on with Fred & Claude, it was an absolute privilege. So good to see Miss Lily and Frank again also Liz & Jo of course. Debs

Fantastic teachers – very hands on and taught in a terrific way. Louise

The pace was great, loads of information to go away with. Relaxed atmosphere, very supportive teachers + positive. Thoroughly enjoyed the two days. Kathy

Everything – understanding the anatomy and how massage helps the dog. Being shown the moves and being able to practice on various dogs. Charlotte

So much opportunity for hands on practice with different dogs and able to be corrected on moves and shown. Lindsey

Learning the techniques in a hands on way with dogs, repetition of the massage moves which has helped to remember them. Caroline

I enjoyed the chance to work with a variety of dogs and thought the content was very thorough. Diana

Working with all the wonderful dogs. Excellent teaching and presentation. Rachael

Everything, loved all the practical work. Kim

The understanding of what is of benefit for the dog in physical and emotional form. Erika

The practical work on both days and learning the massage moves. Karina

All the practical hands on experience– I feel a lot more confident, especially on the second day. Meli

How did you like the practical content of this course?

Loved all practical aspects. I learn best with hands on approach, so just love Healing Animals Org courses for this reason. Debs

Absolutely loved being able to try out the massage moves on different dogs. Kim

It was great, plenty of opportunity to practice the different moves and go over anything we aren’t sure of. Charlotte

Loved working with different size dogs, ages and breeds. It was great to be hands on very early on the first day. Kathy

Very much so – so helpful to watch, then have a go. Lindsey

Very useful and the theory online work to prepare us and information that is combined with the practical has given me an overall basic understanding of how to use massage with my healing work. Caroline

The practical content was fun & a great opportunity to practice the techniques and observe the dog’s reactions. Diana

Understanding of when the dog has indicated the massage has ended. To see the positive effect that it has on the dog. Erika

Lovely to see the dogs before & after, the difference in how relaxed they are at the end. Karina

Wonderful, great variety of dogs, especially valuable to work with Filby and how he demonstrated through his body language what moves he liked and where. Meli

I liked that we had a good number of dogs to practise on, different sizes and breeds etc. Louise

Simple, effective and easy to apply massage moves. Rachael

How are you going to use the RELAX HAOK9 MASSAGE course?

I will incorporate these into my existing practice. There are so many senior dogs who can benefit from this massage technique particularly when combined with healing. Debs

I’m looking forward to practice the moves on Woody and once I have completed my K9 massage case studies and graduated: linking the massage with my healing. Kim

First and foremost on my own dogs especially my senior dogs. With our rescue dogs and hopefully introduce it as another service to my business and helps lots more dogs. Charlotte

Practice on Tara first, then my K9 massage case studies, then I want to incorporate into my private animal clinic + healing + sensory work. Lindsey

I will incorporate them into my healing work. Caroline

I will be combining these skills with the animal healing as I think the two work very well with each other. Diana

To incorporate massage into my holistic approach helping Canine and guardian to achieve a happy, well rounded healthy dog with their wellbeing at heart. Erika

For massage sessions with clients, maybe to do/combine with some healing. Karina

With joy. I already have a list of dog walking clients lining up, plus hoping to work in rescue as soon as possible. Meli

I plan to use this on my own dog and with retired police dogs and rescue centres. Louise

Putting together a healing/massage package. Looking at various places to advertise. Kathy

In addition to my animal healing qualifications. Rachael   


Relax HAOK9 Level 2  student testimonials 2016

The balance between theory & practical was just right. I loved the hands on work with the dogs. Les & Chris were great at overseeing our practical work & ensuring we got the positions right. It was good to have enough dogs so that people could work one person to one dog without having to wait their turn, and nice to have the different types of dogs. I feel comfortable with all the moves now and how they interact during the session. Really enjoyable weekend and can’t wait to put all that I have learned into practise. Jenny

The extra massage moves give so many more tools to add to your tool kits a multi model therapist. The lymphatic massage will be excellent for seniors that do not have so much exercise and the passive stretches and moves will be wonderful for any dogs rehabilitating from injuries and operations. Excellent teaching, clear and concise explanations and practical demonstrations from both Dr Les & Chris. Melanie

I have thoroughly enjoyed this level 2 Relax HAOK9 massage course. It has consolidated my knowledge of massage, which has added to and extended my healing work on animals. Lesley

Really great 2 day workshop, learnt lots of new moves in our massage routine and they all flowed into each other well. Learnt warm up and cool down movements, stretching techniques. Fun working with other dogs, different techniques used for small & big dogs, loved the agility.. it was a fun exercise. Les & Chris were great and explained things so you could understand. Lisa

Loved the greater range of techniques this weekend, this has put fruit on the tree. Thank you. Katrina

Very happy with the weekend. I thought the whole schedule was well set out, the doggie agility at the end was good for both the dogs & us because a wake up after massage also added a bit of fun & light relief. Very helpful to have a lymphatic massage added into the routine. Love coming here anyway lots of love Tamara

This weekend has been so much fun. I have really enjoyed the learning & teaching style. The format of the two days was well put together and presented. I loved it that all the dogs were so happy to be together & allowed us all to work with them. I have really enjoyed this course & feel confident with the moves & techniques. A big thank you to Les, Chris, Sarah & Sam. Jo

Loved it! The additional massage moves compliment those from Level 1- it was also great to refresh moves from Level 1. Once again Les and Chris made all the moves and techniques accessible and were supportive throughout – building my confidence. The lymphatic drainage is another wonderful addition and the passive movements – all beneficial. Dee

Amazing weekend, additional 8 moves made a difference to the basic learned on level 1, being able to use a variety of moves – particularly enjoyed stretches, good for rehabilitation of various post injuries. In conjunction with healing, this is a must for every animal client even if there are no issues. Love the way Les teaches makes it easy and with Chris’s support. Amazing, was amazed at Milo’s response.  Gina

Most useful to have the extra moves to incorporate into a complete routine and to have the ability to be able to mix and match. Also to work with a great variety of dogs. Les and Chris are always ready to help with practical and verbal advice. Very enjoyable weekend. Clare

Really loved this weekend. Les and Chris are so good, everything covered really well. I feel like I have learned so much & refreshed from the things that we did on the first weekend. The handouts are great, they help to refresh just by having a read through. Tina

Relax HAOK9 Massage® Autumn/Winter 2015

What have you liked about Level One?

Loved everything about this course. The pace way just right, flowed really well and learnt so much. Great mix of dogs to see the difference. Great hand outs and lots of info. Tina

The practical demonstration of each move, its explanation and then having time to practise individually on a variety of dogs. Dee

Every part of the past two days was thoroughly interesting and very informative. I feel confident to go away and practise the moves on my own dog and others in the future. Linda

Loved the whole weekend, the knowledge of the instructors and the routine. Joanne

Well structured, good balance theory and practise, didn’t feel over loaded and just right, handbook excellent. Kathryn

Really enjoyed working hands – on with the dogs. Learning something new that will benefit animals. Jenny

Interaction with variety of dogs and their owners. Lots of very useful information given out, meeting up and spending time with like – minded people and working on all of the different dogs. Lesley

Amazing mix of practical / hands on with just the right level of technical – balanced and appropriate. Lovely mix of dogs, people and experiences. Joey

Very easy to engage and understand the course material. Yvonne

Great teaching from the instructors thank you. Jacqui

Excellent presentation, explanation and practical opportunities with a variety of dogs. Leila

Thoroughly enjoyed it – Fabulous amount of information that was made very easy to learn. Sue

Everything – it’s been a really fantastic 2 days. Jo

The practical & hands on work on different dogs. Johanna

I loved meeting new people, different dogs, shapes and sizes to work on. Tracey

Lovely & relaxed atmosphere – Ideal place to practice on dogs. Tamara

All of it. Melanie

Being in a loving space with 10 or so dogs in a harmonious atmosphere as I don’t usually have this experience at Foal Farm Rescue. Dogs there are usually kept separate from each other. Wendy

Working with lots of dogs and feeling the differences between them. Joy

Hands on aspect, good flow and informal learning. Rob

Like it all, all well-presented and informative and great moves have learnt. Adele

How did you like the practical content of Level One?

Really good, everything was explained in great detail for all the moves. What they were for etc Tina

Having a variety of dogs to try out techniques, very helpful. Kathryn

Very informative with plenty of hands – on experience and just the right balance of words and practical content. Practice makes perfect and you can’t have enough of that. Lesley

Hands on is the only way to learn and with expert guidance and great encouragement the whole experience was fabulous. Wendy

It was great to work on a person first to get an idea of touch & pressure. I enjoyed being able to work on a variety of dogs as each one is different. I feel really confident with all the moves, nothing was over complicated. Jo

The practical content was extremely well demonstrated, well-paced, straight forward and simple moves. Linda

Found the power point presentation notes beforehand really useful. High practical content good. Beautifully presented and very helpful – thank you. Tamara

Great, very understandable and lovely movements. Joanne

Fabulous, to have feedback whilst working with the dogs. Enjoyed working with a partner. Dee

Loved it! It made all the theory come to life and felt so natural. Jenny

Very useful to feel the difference in different dogs and having that opportunity to use the techniques we are shown. Yvonne

Very good and thorough. Jacqui

Very good with the variety of breeds and temperaments to practise on, its great experience.

Excellent – a great pace. Sue

Very good – nice routine for a relaxing massage. Johanna

Use of own dogs and other dogs/ sizes and experience of therapeutic models, just right too – excellent teachers. Joey

I loved the practical part of this course. Tracey

Great, straight forward and clear. Easy to learn and apply. Melanie

Able to use hands on, good to have practical. Adele

Lots of hands on time, no messing about – great good solid sequence – good flow. Katrina

Yes it was just enough to take in & feel confident enough. Sue 

As a HAO graduate how are you going to use the RELAX HAOK9 MASSAGE® moves?

At my work with dogs that assist people with disabilities. It will help them to relax & cope with the training they do. Jenny

As a great add on to my healing practice, it gives me another tool to work with. Tina

On my own dogs and the dogs at Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre. Wendy

Will be using these moves for German Shepherd Rescue where I volunteer and other rescues. Adele

I am going to add this to my healing therapy. Jo

I would like to add the massage moves to my healing & HAO tool kit to provide a more comprehensive animal care practice. Linda

Develop my massage practice to human and K9 massage therapy. Joanne

On my own dogs and to start building it into my practice with healing / food remedies. Dee

Incorporating it into my recue centre work. Offer on a voluntary basis. Kathryn

Add it to the Dog House Clinic tool kit. Yvonne

With my dog and eventually incorporate in my healing clinic after more practise. Jacqui

Hoping to incorporate them into healing sessions as well offer it as an individual therapy. Leila

Initially I am going to practise on Buffy to try and improve the function of his back legs. Sue

As an add on treatment to the HAO healing therapy. Johanna

To the local animal rescue centre where I am a volunteer. Lesley

To be incorporated into my healing practice + for relaxation sessions. Joey

I am going to incorporate it in with my HAO healing. Tracey

As part of my HAO healing business and helps with the healing side for dogs. Tamara

Offer it to the local animal shelter I heal at and offer it alongside my healing services. Melanie

On canine clients – definitely one for the future. Joy

On my own dogs and professionally. Rob

I have some  clients who could benefit from this and it will just be another part of my therapist offering. – Human, equine, canine, bodywork and energy work – the magic triangle. Katrina

Will incorporate with other modalities as well as using in the future. Sue