Relax HAO Equine Massage

The Relax HAO Equine Massage course is a unique practical hands on equine Massage Course tailor made for the Healing Animals Organisation. This certified and insured Continued Professional Development course is ONLY available to Graduates from the Diploma in Equine Healing. This is an additional healing skill which complements beautifully the HAO healer is offering to our wonderful equine friends. There are only 12 places available to enable the student to receive maximum tuition from HAO professional equine massage tutors and gain the confidence to practise this technique on your equine clients. This adjunct CPD course will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce your client healing practice and equine rescue centres to the benefits of integrating energy healing with equine massage. If you are interested in enrolling on Relax HAO Equine Massage, students have first to complete the Diploma in Equine Healing. Please email for a Diploma prospectus.

Module 1 4th – 5th November 2023
Module 2 TBA

Module 2 July 2020 Testimonials

  • I loved the combination of practical and theoretical sessions.
  • The repeat of the whole routine at Moorcroft
  • Practical sessions with those wonderful horses
  • Compared to the first part & now I feel a lot more confident and I understand and can follow through the whole routine.
  • The routine covers all main parts and it is easy to remember which body part comes first as it follows through in a logical manner.
  • It is possible to adapt the routine depending on the horse’s needs
  • It is also possible to use only part depending on the issues. – thank you very much, I so loved the course MZ

I loved the whole course. I thoroughly enjoyed working at Moorcroft (day 1) on Wizard: that was a challenge but also a learning curve. Day 2 – at Briony’s really good experience too. I have learned loads and feel a lot more confident in my ability compared to module 1. I love the fact that it is intuitive massage with the horse guiding us to what his needs are and where he is uncomfortable. SI

Fantastic 2 days. Love how the intuitive work of massage techniques have blended together so well since the last module. Loved getting the practical experience with a variety of horses. Always love Moorcroft visits, Jo has such a gentle and uplifting way of teaching. SG

Really enjoyed the weekend & coming back as part of a great group. As always loved the meditations to prepare us for the day ahead. I enjoyed getting more feedback on my massage moves & feeling more confident about them. I feel like I am much firmer on following the first weekend. I love the practical side of this routine which can be used as part of a healing. It’s nominated me to be mindful. I love that it is adaptable and complements the healing. Great to add to the tool kit and look forward to applying skills learnt to help maintain wellness with my own horses and others. JR

Moorcroft – Loved the opportunity to work with Zin ex – racehorse with physical and emotional issues and gaining his trust as the session progressed.

Bryony’s Yard- Two fabulous horses where I was able to complete all the massage routine and observe lots of releasing. I feel far more confident and rounded as a therapist. HAO Relax Massage is unique in that it is a gentle technique designed to bring wellbeing to the horse by allowing them the freedom to release tension in a safe place. Working with all the horse rather than doing something to the horse. SM

 A great 2 days – thank you Jo & Liz. The demo on urban at Moorcroft was great. To see the entire routine visually, the refinement, flow and deep relaxation Urban was experiencing was very insightful. Sunday: 2 horses at Bryony’s – more practise, great to be watched so carefully to really get the moves correct & to give me the heads up. BD

HAO Equine Relax Massage Feedback June 2017

What did you most enjoy about this module?

Jo was very clear and knowledgeable about the “how and why” of both practise and theory of the massage. I loved her teaching and the connection with the equine healing. I was so amazed how powerful this massage was and the reaction and change in all the horses we worked with on all levels, emotionally, psychologically and physiologically. Both Liz and Jo have a wealth of experience that they conveyed, sensitively and beautifully. I felt so enriched by this course and hope to use it much in my healing practice. Christa

Practical work – hands on practising the moves on the horses & listening to their responses. Robyn

Practical part of massaging and seeing the reactions of the horses. Gina

The way you can combine healing work with relaxing & how the horses react to it. Jo

Like all of it, not too much of one thing or other. Adele

The camaraderie of working with everyone again and working with Jo and Liz and all the horses. Lesley

Practical work with the horses. Mike

Practical work on all the horses and seeing their different reaction. Frances

Really enjoyed the practical, learning and demonstrating the skills. Louise


How useful was the refresher A&P module with Emma?

Muscle refresher has particularly useful as was the painting of the muscles on Betty which really did demonstrate how they interacted when the horse was moving. Frances

Very useful as a refresher – you do forget some things as time passes and we found last year in the healing diploma that it would be wonderful to have a refresher once a year. Christa

Good as I have learned so many times but always forget. Jo

Very as can double check what & what not you have remembered. Adele

A nice refresher. Robyn

Brilliant – nice to have the refresher after five years when I did the equine module. Lesley

Very useful – amazing how much I had forgotten. Mike

Very useful. Julie

Very useful. Louise

Absolutely essential in conjunction with the exam paper. Gina

Briefly explain how useful you feel the preparation handbook notes / exam paper and home learning has been to prepare you for the first module:-

I thought this was very effective and it’s very easy to skim read and miss important information. Jo

Useful making you read through notes and checking on what has been learnt and what more there was to be learnt. Adele

Handbook and notes were brilliant for preparation but the real eye opener was the practise. The handbook will though always be a useful way to refresh and remind us in the future. Christa

Good to recap stuff and to have it fresher in my mind ready for the weekend. Robyn

Very helpful especially when it came to filling out the exam paper as it reinforces what you had already read. Lesley

Very useful to the perspective, exam paper and learning, also gave a refresher on A&P but also good guardian information to get started. Louise

Useful for theoretical area but obviously not able to help with actual practical. Mike

New about the techniques & information on how things worked, so felt more confident at the beginning. Julie

Very useful as it forward on the main principles to cover. Frances

Without the preparation and revision this module would have been a lot harder. Gina


What stood out most to you about the HAO Relax Equine Massage routine?

How different it was from other physio and massage I have seen in the past. Jo

The ease of the routine, lovely rhythm and uncomplicated moves in conjunction with energy healing. Gina

The response of the horses to touch amazing, very sensitive animals. Adele

The relaxed approach to the learning, variation of learning material, great to be able to demonstrate skills in a case of horses and conformation also feedback from Jo & Liz. Louise

The horse’s responses – seeing each individual’s reactions. I’m familiar with these but each horse is such an individual, also some new conditions and moves. Robyn

How powerful it is and working at Bryony’s also doing the practical massage in combination with the healing on beautiful “little Pinto”. Christa

How the lightest of touches can have such a profound effect on the animal being treated. Lesley

The effectiveness of very simple moves. Mike

How gentle and effective it was. Frances


After completing some of the massage moves what have you observed with the horses you have worked with?

The difference in their confirmation, the horses were more relaxed after the treatment and moves which suited the horse in particular. Louise

The amount of release each demonstrated and also how quickly into the session when it occurred. Frances

How much they realise their tension through light massage. Jo

How beneficial it was to horse at end of sessions. Adele

The profound effect it has on them and that there is someone out there that can help them move on. Lesley

Releases, relaxing and settling into the session. Billy needed time to process, Splash was holding so much emotion. Robyn

Lots of releasing of tension resulting in relaxed and content horses. Gina

Change in attitude and level of relaxation the massage achieved. Christa

Beth emotional of physical emotional reduced. Mike

How beneficial of the horse + how they enjoy it. Julie


What did you most enjoy about  module two?

Excellent preparation notes. Fantastic range of practical skills, feels fantastic with the skills and knowledge I have been taught and have added to my tool box. Amazing and truly aware to see the equine before and after -proud to be an HAO Ambassador. Thank you – Louise

Wonderful course. Excellent teachers in Jo and Liz and all the other patient beautiful horses. Please thank Bryony as well for giving us the opportunity to practise – love you all and can’t wait for the next exciting course. Thank you for everything – Christa

This course is a wonderful opportunity for you to combine your healing and already acquired equine knowledge and experience to take with you when working in rescue centres here in the UK and abroad. I am honoured to be able to go back on my 3rd visit to Animal Care in Egypt and use these simple yet powerful massage techniques on all the gorgeous equines – Gina

Thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous to able to add this tool to healing techniques and thank you Jo & Liz for showing us the way- Robyn

Liz & Jo what can I say thank you so, so much. I’ve loved this course, it’s been amazing. I’m so excited to see where it will lead because I’ve already seen how effective it is and I love how it dovetails so perfectly with the energy healing. Loved it and I look forward to hearing more about level 2 – Jo

Well taught – liked everything especially working with the horses. Good techniques, well presented, enjoyed being here again with everyone. Well done Jo and Liz – Lesley

Fascinating course it works so well with the other tools in the box. Two great teachers and looking forward to level 2 – Mike

Thank you so much, you have given me great support & confidence.  I have been blown away by it. As always great teachings with Liz and Jo – Julie

Great course and really loved the practical at Moorcroft and Bryony’s. I think it was great that an assessment was due on a one to one basis on a horse/pony we did not know about beforehand. Thank you so much – Frances

Very interesting course – a great deal learnt and can’t wait to practise on the equines at different rescue centres. Another great tool to add to tool box – Adele