Diploma in Equine Healing

Diploma in Equine Healing with Elizabeth Whiter

The Equine Diploma has plenty of practical healing experience and in-depth theory, working with a variety of different horses and ponies in rehabilitation, livery, competition, rescue, riding school and stud duties. The Equine Diploma is studied for six months part-time spread over two modules, total nine days with plenty of practical healing experience and in-depth theory, working with a variety of different horses and ponies from many different backgrounds. Emma Farrow-Bartlett will be teaching anatomy, physiology, common ailments, conformation and first aid. Elizabeth Whiter and students will be working at a variety of equestrian facilities conducting in-depth practical equine healing sessions at facilities such as Moorcroft Racehorse Rehabilitation centre, Plumpton Equine College, and the RSPCA with police rescue cases.  In addition, there will be opportunities to hone equine healing skills at a top riding establishment and a competition yard and Andalucía stud.

Equine First Aid Day

Students who wish to attend the Diploma in Equine Healing need to have completed modules one to three of the Diploma in Animal Healing. This is crucial to give the equine student a solid grounding in healing experiences and the expertise necessary to fully appreciate the healer relationship with equines and their guardians. This is a fun and rewarding course which requires compassion, love, understanding and stamina. Includes equine case histories, assignments and log book. Total course time 190 hrs. Length of course: six months part time run yearly Spring/Summer at the South Downs National Park Sussex.

Module one – March 2019
Module two – 6th -9th June 2019
Module three – 22nd – 26th August 2019

If students have very little Equine experience or need to brush up on stable management skills, we have horse care days and weekends at a professional livery yard Contact us here

Principal Tutor: Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ ITEC Dip.WSA Tutor: Emma Farrow-Bartlett VN. DipAS Examiner: Jeannie Billington M.A. B.Ed Honours, Director of the Post-graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCHE) at South Bank University,  OU Lecturer, Head teacher, external moderator and examiner for numerous exam boards, Member of the General Council of the Association of Teachers, Ofsted inspector. For enquiries and a copy of the 2018 prospectus and application form, please telephone Elizabeth Whiter on 01273 891472 or contact us here

Equine Module 2

There are many equine out-reach projects the Healing Animals Organisation are involved with, and numerous equine charities we support: students and graduates from the Diploma in Equine will have a wonderful opportunity to gain experience working alongside vets and offering complementary health to all equines and donkeys  click here

  • Eurika sparked out after his healing with Ella and Dawn

  • Eurika sparked out after his healing with Ella and Dawn

  • Eurika sparked out after his healing with Ella and Dawn

  • Liz, Bertie and Jenny with equine students

  • Liz discussing Bertie's history with Jenny

  • Major relaxing after his healing with Barbara and Sue

  • Freddie self selecting my homemade marigold oil

  • Equine first aid day

  • Susan and Lisa healing at Moorcroft

  • Equine students at Moorcroft Racehorse Rehab Centre

  • Jake with Susan and Mandi after his healing

  • Barbara and Freddie sharing a special moment

  • Equine students discussing Betty's confirmation

  • Diane and Sue healing Dancer

  • Lee relaxed after his healing with Diane

  • Herbie smelling macerated oil

  • Flehnmen response and processing smell

  • Herbie self selecting macerated oil

  • Equine meditation walk to racehorse sanctuary

  • Susan and Jeanne healing Bo

  • Susan and Sharon healing Shine retired racehorse

  • Mozart is relaxed with Dawn, Diane and Barbara healing him

  • Dawn healing Eurika

  • Susan and Annetta

  • Sue and Barbara healing Chubby

  • Betty is an excellent patient

  • Jeanne bandaging Betty's foot

  • Dawn healing Eurika

  • Lyn and Ella healing Billie

  • Lynn and Jeanne healing Monty

  • Equine students pay tribute to Wow's memorial

Train as an Animal Healer

Train as an Animal Healer

Would you like to learn more about animal healing? We may have a vocational course to suit you. Working with a variety of animals with expert teachers in their field click here to find out more

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Buy Now

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Step by Step Masterclass Video in how to give Energy Healing to your pet

Step by Step Masterclass Video in how to give Energy Healing to your pet

Elizabeth demonstrates simple techniques you can use with your own pets: Body scanning, Intention and breath, controlled stroking techniques, healing body parts, biofeedback from your pet; as Lily indicates with her body language where she wants Elizabeth to concentrate the healing on. Hand positions and using hands as sensors to direct healing, with recap visuals at the end of the video to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Read More

The Animal Healer Paperback

The Animal Healer Paperback

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Animal Whispers

Animal Whispers Sound Therapy CD

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The Animal Healing Workshop exceeded my expectations. Liz was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable on so many fronts. A true animal lover. I would not hesitate on attending another workshop. It was well thought out and informative but most of all inspiring, but of course the animals were the stars of the show. Sharon

It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend Elizabeth’s Animal Healing Workshop. She is such a lovely knowledgeable person and very inspirational. A joy to be with in every way. Liz

Hi Elizabeth - Tigger is getting on BRILLIANTLY!!! After his healing with you, self selecting the food oils and his nutritional consultation. He is a new dog - skipping along ahead of me with the other two hooligans and generally really enjoying life. He loves his sardines (Bruno says he wants some too!), and has his oils when he wants them. He is moving so much better and seems far happier in himself. Cherry

This has been an absolutely fabulous day. It is incredible the power of healing. The lovely energy meeting with like minded people I have had a wonderful day. Please do some more. Thank you for sharing with us. Love, light and peace. Val

A day with Liz was worth its weight in gold. Informative and fascinating on so many levels – I love that I have learnt much more about animals, herbs and people all in one day! How much better can it get than that. Lucinda

Lovely seminar from a wonderful healer whose animals are so receptive to healing! Very inspirational Liz’s healing work with animals. Very informative Animal healing workshop. As a human healer I love the animal dimension and I now feel inspired to train in the Diploma in Animal Healing with. Suzie

I have learnt so much on the animal self selection day. I can’t wait to try the recipes out. Such an interesting topic, I can’t learn enough about this. Thank you so much. Diane

Masses of information given throughout the animal self selection day! I loved working with the horses and foraging in the hedgerows. An added bonus was making some nutritious dog biscuits, which my Toby loved! Jean

Made me look at hedgerow herbs in a different way – use my intuition more. Thank you. Beth

An informative workshop - a real eye opener: how nature has everything to help that we can use. It was so special as I had my first close contact with a horse and saw what majestic creatures they are close up. Can’t wait to learn more. Tracey

On the Animal Healing Day, I loved Liz’s top tips, I learned quite a few new things about my dog and cat thank you! Virginia