Professional Diploma in Animal Healing South Africa 2012 Testimonials

Professional Diploma in Animal Healing South Africa 2013

What did you like most about module 3?

Learning about the properties of the culinary herb oils and their uses – Yolanda

I loved being around Elizabeth’s energy again.  Learning about the herbs and oils has added a wonderful extra dimension to what we can offer to animals we get to work with.  It was great to see animals self selecting exactly what they need.  It is also great to get some oils to work with.  The 6 days was full of a variety of things to do – especially enjoyed going to Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre as we can hopefully work together going forward – Michelle

I loved expanding knowledge on herbage and food oils and watching the various animals self select.  Most exciting was Carnos the pig watching how deprived he was of healthy food.  Another remarkable experience was Karzan’s healing – Liz

The use of culinary herbs has always resonated with me and combining it with animals is what drew me to this course in the first place.  I was fascinated at watching the animals reactions to the food oils – Carol

Meeting Margaret Roberts.  Learning and remembering being in Janice’s space and home.  Getting to know sisters / soul group better – Ursula

The practical work is always amazing.  Working with food oils and herbs feels interesting and exciting.  The group dynamics by this stage / module is richer, more mature and connected.  The bereavement section was well appreciated.  Activation and strengthening of energy is great – Kerry

I enjoyed the fellowship of all the animal healer sisters.  I enjoyed the mediation sessions, and I found the notes to be very informative – Nicky

The animals responding to the new food oils and learning everything about the culinary herbs and their properties.  Also the bereavement section – Laverne

I loved learning about the food oils and seeing how they worked practically.  I thought it was great that we got to go on outings and see the oils work out in the “real” world – Natalie

Explain what you liked about visiting the Animals in Distress Shelter?

I loved all the animals and was thrilled to be there to do the healing sessions and to see how all the animals self selected the oils they needed.  I especially enjoyed spending time with the dog who was semi paralysed – sensed his happiness and peace after we had been there – Nicky

Seeing the animals relax after taking the food oils.  Noticing the varied responses from all the animals – Laverne

I enjoyed watching how Liz interacted with the volunteers and helpers at SAID – it was educational to see how she explained what we and the HAO do.  I loved seeing how positively the animals reacted to the food oils – Natalie

Having another experience in a shelter – Yolanda

It is always great to visit all those beautiful animals and give them a beautiful healing and on this occasion, some beautiful food oils – a taste of things they might never otherwise have experienced.  It was interesting to see them self selecting each one needing something different.  It was also good to see the organisation embracing us and what we do – Michelle

The experience with the puppy together with Kerry.  The warmth and love between the 3 of us was amazing and heart warming.  Lots of positive energy.  Loved to see the dogs positive reaction to the food oils – Liz

What a wonderful Centre, with such caring and professional staff, who really do their best for the animals in there care – Carol

Learning about safety how to interact with Rescue Centre employees.  Understanding the importance of offering heal the healer. –

It is always a privilege to work in these kinds of environments to help these animals whose carers are very busy.  It was great to see the selection and effects of the food oils.  Was very good to learn / be reminded about safety and permission. – Kerry

What are your plans going forward from here with regards to being a healer and your healing practice?

I would like to serve my community through my healing by assisting at animal centres (rescue centres).  This will form a part of my healing centre assisting humans and animals – healing, bereavement counselling and animal behaviour.  To continue on this spiritual journey and learn more to assist me on this journey – Nicky

To continue doing healing and case studies to build up a clientele.  What to do animal healing and communication full time eventually.  In the interim looking for a half day job to be able to build the healing practice.  To build referral network – Laverne.

I am going to approach the vets in my area and start by letting them know that I am a pet bereavement counsellor.  This will enable me to get my foot in the door with vets.  I am going to start placing adverts in local media – Natalie

Approaching our local vet practise to “rent a room” to offer bereavement counselling and nutritional food animal remedies – Yolanda

I want to work with marc animals and get more of a feeling for what I want to go into.  I feel I would like to work with wild animals – maybe go to farmyards and work with the owners.  Maybe also join up with a vet practice to offer support to owners and animals – Michelle

Animal healing focussed on dogs as they are my passion. Due to tremendous loss in my life I would like to pursue bereavement counselling – Liz

The knowledge and professional training I gained from this course will help me move forward with confidence and add an extra dimension to my existing Animal Complementary Practice. – Carol

To open a centre for animal healing community to come together and work in healing.

Professional Diploma in Animal Healing South Africa 2012

Student Feedback Module One – South Africa

What did you most enjoy about module one?

This module opened up a new life journey for me.  It was great to discover my higher self with members of our wonderful group.  I’ve really enjoyed the healing of the animals that joined us for their healing sessions.  Thank you very much Liz, you were a GREAT facilitator – Yolanda

The many, many opportunities to practise what we were learning.  This really helped build my confidence.  I loved the daily mediations that helped focus us for the day ahead.  I felt I learned so much that will be a brilliant start to the year course.  I feel that we will be really supported in our journey.  I am looking forward to the case studies and assignments as it will keep me focussed throughout the year.  I loved meeting all the lovely people on the course that are new family.  It was awesome meeting Elizabeth and I feel really privileged to have been part of the first Diploma course outside of the UK – Michelle.

Remembering, learning, acknowledging my place and my gift.  Spending time in and within the group.  Listening to Liz and being inspired by having the thrill of learning from a real life role model – Ursula.

Loved everything about module one.  Specifically the experiences with the animals that come in for healing and our visit to Animals in Distress.  The mediations every day was superb – Liz

Everything!  The friendliness, the out pouring information – not only directly related to the course but the extra things that came from the other ladies and, of course, the animals.  Also getting into the habit of grounding and protecting oneself as a daily practice –Carol

It was great, especially being around like minded people and feeling free to grow and express any ideas, thoughts or questions.  I have learnt a great deal and can’t wait to put into practice and see where it leads me – Sarah

My favourite things about the course were:  Elizabeth’s vitality and enthusiasm for life. Janice’s hospitality and generosity. Finding value and confidence in myself. Leaning how simple and natural it is to connect with the animal and natural world. Learning how to stay positive – Natalie

The teaching, the sharing, the caring and the spiritual upliftment and support.  The sense of being at one with all ‘life’.  An absolute privilege thank you Liz – Sandy

I found it to be very thorough and detailed very well thought out and professional.  There was a lot of time to practice on a variety of animals – Carol

All the practical healing the whole module was jam packed with various animals and I feel I learnt so much in a hands on way.  Also Elizabeth’s; enthusiasm, knowledge and energy.  What an amazing role model and mentor.  Actually I loved everything.  Loved it all – Laverne

Elizabeth is so amazing so full of life and energy exuberant passion, enthusiasm and love.  Loved the spiritual experience.  I loved my journey and I am so looking forward to continuing the journey. The comradeship amongst all the students – the bonding, caring sharing sisterhood feel.  The contents and the learning experience food and nutrition.  The healing sessions. The meditation sessions (I will miss those dearly).  Janice’s lovely home and animals a perfect place – Nicky

Everything was fantastic.  The opening meditations really set the tone for the day.  The flow and format was perfect.  Thank you for allowing me to bring Daisy on a couple of days.  Everyone was given a chance to express themselves – Kerry

I loved every minute of module one.  The content is in depth and wide spread and shows how essential this work is for the welfare of all animals whatever their species, age, condition etc.  It give one a whole new perspective on animal care.  Liz is an engaging and inspiring and passionate lecturer so that every minute ones attention is held an ones mind is stimulated.  She has such a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge and sensitivity to each student and where they are emotionally in relation to the subject matter as well as their own emotional mental state.  The mediations were creative once again inspiring as well as individually “growing” – Janice

Feedback on visits to the animal shelters?

I was so happy to be able to do a healing on a female dog.  Just after the healing session she went to be sprayed.  She looked so confident.  I felt that the shelter was providing and taking good care of the animals – Yolanda

It was wonderful how they welcomed us in and accepted what were doing, in fact, the equine person asked us to heal one specific hose as it was due to go see the vet within the next hour.  The animals were all amazing and readily accepted healing.  I Very well conducted, Liz prepared us very well, both regarding courtesy, healing technique and emotionally.  Well appreciated – Kerry.

I now feel confident approaching rescue centres to do healing in future – Michelle

Well organised, Respectful. I learnt that respecting the carers, and supporting them is integral to supporting the animals they help – Ursula

Wonderful experience especially with the little brown dog that was so fearful to start with – Liz

It was a privilege to see such a well run centre with staff who were welcoming in spite of having a heavy workload.  Although the facilities are basic and not luxurious, the care that the staff showed for the animals was wonderful  – Carol

A.I.D. was a lovely place with a very good feel.  Even the staff seemed happy.  The dogs I worked with were in excellent condition, just frustrated about being confined.  – Sarah

I enjoyed visiting AID and it was a lot more positive experience than I expected.  It has encouraged me to make a monthly visit to animals rescue centres.  Natalie 

To see the wonderful work that they do and how caring the staff were – Carol 

Excellent, I learnt that it was nothing to fear and how rewarding the work is – Laverne

I was very impressed with the loving environment, the people who looked after the animals.  I loved my healing session with the two dogs.  When I left the shelter I felt energized and happy.  I know in my heart of hearts that I want to help animals in need – support healing and being present for them – Nicky 

The visit to Animals in Distress was really inspiring and a huge teaching.  Rather than concentrating on the negative is was really wonderful to interact with so many animals and so see their response.  I had a great realisation on joy and how a young puppy waiting for sterilization needed joy and play rather than seriousness and quietness and how I could be part of that interaction and in this way give him healing.  It also brought out my joyful side in that time which needed it as much as the puppy did – Janice

Feedback on practical sessions?

I really enjoyed the rat healing session.  I think we were privileged to see a difference (relaxing) in all the animals we healed.  God bless their guardians that also needed some healing – Yolanda

Liz talked us through what the animals were doing for the first few sessions and it was great to see other animals doing the same.  It was great to feel the different energies of the different animals as we had dogs of various sizes, rats, tortoises and a lizard –Michelle.

Wonderful, healing, powerful!  Acknowledging that healing the healer is so important – Ursula

Valuable because of Elizabeth’s ability to do the practical session and teach simultaneously.  The variety of animals to work on was great, and the exposure was phenomenal.  I feel confident and excited to do my case studies – Laverne

Human healing sessions were entertaining and relaxing. Animal healing sessions were special and informative – Liz

The group healings were wonderful and the energy that come through was amazing and seeing the results would have convinced any sceptic – Carol

Practical healing session were all great and different “expect the unexpected”.  It was lovely the energy of collective healing.  Also nice to have the chance to feel all the different types of energy.  Loved the rats Cody and Shack – Sarah

The practical healing sessions helped to put all the theory into practice. As this is a course based on gut feel and physically feeling things, it was so important to get the practical experience in and I felt that we had loads of practical healing with a variety of animals – Natalie

It was a huge teaching to see how Liz handled every single animals and guardian differently according to the circumstances and the need.  There was huge amount of information / learning watching a practical healing session unfold.  I like the practical side of following the case history form and also getting the guardians buy in both permission to do the healing session and also to commit to the ongoing change in the animals regime.  Personally I have to redevelop my feel and my trust in my own capabilities but despite this I learnt a huge amount by being present in the healing – Janice

Fantastic, very real and powerful – Sandy

All the animals opened up so much and became calm and their carers more grounded and centred and seemed to benefit from the healing – Carol

Wow, Wow, Wow, It was so wonderful to know and experience the power of the universe.  To tap into this spiritual world and know you are not alone.  To see how the animals responded to the healing and enjoyed it.  Being in the moment and the oneness.  The calmness, peacefulness which encapsulated the healing bubble.  Loved communicating with the animals during healing sessions – Nicky

Fabulous.  Really amazing that there were so many animals for healing. I felt very well versed in the practical side.  We were observed and helped (guided).  There were many species as well, to hep with the feel of different energies. – Kerry