Tibetan Soul Journey Download


Track One: Elizabeth invites you to join her on a 30 minute guided meditation with Tibetan Bowls, gongs and bells to ground and rebalance each energy centre throughout the body enabling you to remain in the present moment at all times. Authentic Bowls, Gongs and Bells rich in textures, sounds and healing vibrations. Instruments played by Andy Thurgood, Narrated by Elizabeth Whiter. Track two: Tibetan Soul Journey instrumental version 30 minutes




When I played this I was rooted to the ground! I love the deep sounds of the larger bowls at the beginning to keep you present moment and the variety of lighter bowls and gongs sounding as we transcended through the body. It was lovely to be guided by Liz so I could thoroughly switch off. I like the fact I also have a version without narration so I can fully absorb the harmonic resonances of all the instruments used. Debbie


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