Scots Pine Tree Meditation


It is the golden hour on a summer’s evening at the base of the South Downs and the sun’s rays are shining down on a magnificent Scots pine: Description and sample below

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The only evergreen species in this twelve series of meditations. Pine trees colonised the planet well before other tree species moved in: some 250 million + years ago. They are pioneers and well equipped to survive the changing seasons. Just being in the presence of a Scots pine allows us to learn more about being self-sufficient and adapt to a changing world we now live in. As dusk sets we are joined by a beautiful Tawny owl perched high up on a branch, vocalising his presence with his trademark call. The Tawny invites us to develop a natural instinct for intuitive thinking. Each meditation allows you to fully immerse yourself in the company of your chosen tree and picturesque footage. Tap into the hidden knowledge each tree bestows upon you about themselves as you ground the body, escape from the busyness of your mind and surrender to the healing powers of trees.