Mighty Oak Tree Meditation


It is Springtime and Elizabeth takes you on a woodland walk where you connect with a majestic oak tree.
Description and sample below

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This mighty oak  is mature, with a large trunk and crown. The thick winding branches reaches upwards and outwards, like open arms and welcomes you into the heart of the tree kingdom. Lush green psychedelic leaves are bursting into life as the oak’s deep roots create a very grounded and established presence in the forest. The oak is home to many animal species, plant life and the woodland song birds you hear throughout the meditation: Heralding a time of new life and long warm days. Each meditation allows you to fully immerse yourself in the company of your chosen tree and picturesque footage. Tap into the hidden knowledge each tree bestows upon you about themselves as you ground the body, escape from the busyness of your mind and surrender to the healing powers of trees.