HAO Sponsored Walk for the new Raveniary Enclosures May 2022

Once again the Healing Animals Organisation Diploma students have come up triumphs and completed the annual 6K sponsored fundraiser walk for the new raveniary enclosures. Diploma students have raised £800 so far. Lindsay, founder of Animal School shared with us about the new project…

“Greengrass and Rox are two beautiful adult ravens that were rescued by Animal School three years ago. Ravens are very intelligent birds and need lots of enrichment. The aviary they are currently living in was designed for parrots and while it functions, I don’t believe it allow them as much space as they deserve. 

The pair were raised in captivity and cannot be released into the wild. Their new enclosure needs to be special. We have designed our “Raveniary” to enable them to have longer flights, a pond, high platforms to nest on and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. This enclosure is a large undertaking but will be a feature for the centre and make a beautiful home for these birds, which can live up to 70 years in captivity.

Thank you HAO! I am so grateful to Liz and the HAO students for an amazing amount of money raised towards this project.” 

Lindsay is very excited about the design of this enclosure, which will have trees and environmental and food enrichments stations to help maintain the overall wellbeing of these magnificent birds.