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The Healing Animals Organisation has been set up to help animals in need. One very important function is to provide a register of graduate, fully insured animal healers click here who have successfully completed the Diploma in Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter. This register will be made available to members of the public, animal rescue centres, charities and vets via the website. Read More…

Dr Rohini Sathish BVSC & AH MSC MRCVS MHAO MCVIT is the Chief Veterinary Consultant and media spokesperson on veterinary related matters for the Healing Animals Organisation. Dr Rohini is a holistic integrative vet with more than 20 yrs of experience in conventional veterinary medicine and surgery. She is a graduate of the Diploma in Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter and has trained in Veterinary Acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Testimonial from Dr Rohini Sathish after completing the Diploma in Animal Healing :

“Everything happens for a reason and I have no doubt that meeting Elizabeth was no accident. I have been a successful conventional vet for 20years but have always known that there is more to veterinary medicine. It is not just a physical medicine there is a need to heal the spirit, a need to develop a spiritual understanding with my animal patient. Therefore, learning Animal Healing from Elizabeth Whiter has been an amazing transformational journey and I now believe I am a complete Veterinarian.
Elizabeth’s passion, compassion and her dedication to animal well being is infectious and so genuine, that I feel tremendous respect for her work and feel greatly privileged to be working alongside her on our mission to better the lives of animals and their guardians worldwide.” Dr Rohini Sathish


Vision, Mission and Values


To co-create a caring world where all animals are respected and treated with compassion.


To raise awareness of animal healing and its contribution to animal wellbeing through a framework of globally recognised, unique, professional, vocational qualifications.

To provide hands-on training and education that empowers others to bring about change to prevent cruelty and suffering and promote kindness to animals.

To work hand in hand with like-minded national and international charities and organisations.

To apply our knowledge, skills, experience and passion to inspire others.


  • We work as one team, respecting the role and contribution of everyone and supporting each other to deliver our mission.
  • We are passionate about maintaining the integrity and relevance of our qualifications to build confidence and empower practice.
  • We take great pride in nurturing students to graduation and continuing their professional development through a framework of workshops and opportunities to practice.
  • We treat everyone we come into contact with compassion and without judgement.
  • We aim to provide a centre of excellence in animal healing and holistic health and wellbeing that respects all aspects of all animals.
  • We aim to provide an excellent service to animal guardians, animal rescue centres worldwide and the veterinary fraternity, going beyond what is expected of us when we can.
  • We lead by example, promoting animal welfare in everything we do, and educating to protect animals for future generations.

In 2018 the Healing Animals Organisation worked with Orangutan Project and BSBCC in Borneo.
Every year Elizabeth takes a small group of her graduates to work with orang-utans and sun bears with sensory enrichment. This has been very well received and Elizabeth is returning in May 2019 to continue her ground breaking work.

Orangutan Project

From everyone at Orangutan Project we extend our heartfelt thanks to you all.

We rely on good people from all over the world coming together to help us to do good for the animals in our care and we would like to thank you all for coming out tonight and donating your time and money to the cause. Thanks also to Liz and the team at Healing Animals Organisation for their ongoing support of our organisation, the animals and the work we do. Sending love from the orangs, bears, gibbons, macaques, birds and humans at Matang.

Your hard work and dedication is amazing and we look forward to working with you for years to come. A huge thanks to you and your entire team for making this happen.

Kind Regards
Bron Browning

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

“Thank you for attending and supporting the Borneo Musical Concert Fundraiser held by Elizabeth Whiter. This event means a lot to us, myself and our rescued sun bears at The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Your kind support and participation on this wonderful event makes all of our works to conserve the endangered sun bears possible in Borneo. As you know, Conservation on endangered species is not an easy task, nor a task that can be done by few individuals. The success of BSBCC up until today is a good example of group efforts really make a huge difference to achieve our goals to conserve and help the sun bears.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our good friends Elizabeth Whiter and her team from Healing Animals Organisation who help us on multiple occasions and offer sensory enrichments to our sun bears. Thank you so so much for your tireless efforts to make a better world for all of us.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We can feel your love and dedication from the other side of the world!

Thank you!”
Dr Wong Siew Te
Founder Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

ACE Animal Care Egypt


Healing Animals Organisation (HAO) is supporting a project at ACE to provide subsidised neutering for pets of Egyptian owners in Luxor. The current cat and dog population is a great problem in the city. By providing locals access to neutering for their pets we can work towards decreasing the number of unwanted kittens and puppies and can help educate owners on how to care for their animals.

Donkey Sanctuary Portugal

donkey-sanctuaryThe Donkey Sanctuary is situated on the Algarve. The sanctuary hosts about 20 donkeys, 5 mules, 1 horse and about 94 dogs. All dogs are neutered or spayed. The Sanctuary’s goal is to home as many dogs as possible in Portugal itself. The Portuguese do not take puppies older then 3 or 4 months, so older dogs sometimes fly to Germany or Holland as they have a better chance of adoption over there. Read More…

Acorn Trust

acorn-project” The Acorn Project “
Animal Rescue | Education | Therapy

Initially set up in Somerset in 2004 by Steve Shore , the acorn project is now based in Lincolnshire and takes in animals from across the UK . We provide quality care for all our animals and take on the more time-consuming cases such as orphan rearing, unusual, older or difficult animals who need specialist care, plenty of TLC or training. Read More…

View HAO fundraising activities here

ELI for Animals Romania

Hello to my HAO colleagues

On behalf of myself and Claudia Dumitru the founder of ELI for Animals we are so thankful and honoured to receive this kind donation from the Healing Animals Organisation. We are very much looking forward to graduate HAO animal healers volunteering with us in Romania and the UK.

ELI for Animals is a Romanian registered charity that provides a sanctuary for dogs that cannot be rehomed due to age/health/behaviour. Those that can be rehomed do so in the U.K or via charities we work with in Germany and Holland. ELI also work alongside a team of vets to hold regular spay campaigns in the community to help manage the stray population and prevent future suffering.

Since Brexit and Covid the charity has struggled with receiving enough donations to keep everything running.

The generous donation will be put towards the care of two new arrivals – Marnie and Bear. These puppies sought refuge in Claudia’s garage and made sure they were rescued! Bear has a trauma to one eye and needs to see an ophthalmologist. We also recently took on a dog in the village who was being eaten by worms and needed urgent veterinary care. So with this outstanding vet bill debt the donation is much appreciated.

ELI website is

Thank you, Charlotte XxX


Animal Sanctuary Testimonials

Elizabeth Whiter and her students from the Healing Animals Organisation have been visiting and helping the homeless animals at the RSPCA Brighton centre for many years. The time, love, healing and treatments that have been given have helped in so many ways, improving the animals chances of finding permanent loving homes. We would also like to say a big THANK YOU for all the fundraising Elizabeth and her students has done for us. RSPCA Brighton. Read More…

Client Testimonials

The events leading up to our meeting with Liz, our wonderful friend and healer… thank you Liz!

My beautiful boxer, Woody, has always been exceptionally fit and healthy, lively and full of beans as Boxers are reknowned! Last Christmas he began to favour one leg when standing and on a couple of occasions was unable to clear a fence that he usually flew over. Read More…