Equine Testimonials

Equine Diploma Testimonials

Fantastic course, very comprehensive, clearly taught and easy to understand. The course notes are in depth and have very useful accompanying photographs and diagrams. I now feel much better prepared to extend my animal healing to equines. Thank you! Katherine

The quality of this module has been extremely high. The written content is well researched and presented in a clear and informative format. It has been fantastic to work with Liz’s three horses, Wow, Betty and Dancer as they are wonderful confidence givers. The practical element of the module has taken place at the most fantastic locations. We were privileged to visit a wonderful riding establishment called St Bedes. I was able to work with two beautiful horses utilising Liz’s wonderful teaching. This was the highlight of the module for me. We also worked at a lovely D. I. Y livery yard which was also a very rewarding experience.   Working with our noble, beautiful equine friends has been the most wonderful experience for me!  Jo

Wow! What an amazing 4 days! The final 4-day module of the Equine Healing Diploma was absolutely inspiring. Elizabeth Whiter had put in so much of her own energy and thought into the course work, the meditations, and the practical work.  It was a privilege to work with so many wonderful animals, and I feel nothing can beat the level of practical experience and insight obtained with Liz’s face to face courses. Dr Alison Grimston