Equine Healing Diploma Testimonials 2013

Equine Healing Diploma Testimonials 2013

What did you most enjoy about Equine Module 1?

Healing the horses – working with Big Burt was amazing.  Also it was great to see and work with x-rays – Suzanne

Translating information we had learnt (muscles / bones etc) onto a physical horse – Lynn

The theory session with Emma (such a great teacher) and the opportunity to gain practical experience with taking heart / pulse / breathing rate etc and to have a horse present to compare again muscle diagrams etc and observe confirmation points – Andrea

It was really lovely to be around Betty and all the others and made me realise how much I have missed my four legged friends. I also forget to say what a boost it is to have feedback from the guardians re our healing sessions. It really helped to bolster my confidence and self belief….thanks – Lynn

Visiting yards – meeting everyone – Carol

Meeting new graduates.  New information knowledge of horses.  Healing in yards.  Examination of your horses – Stuart

All of it.  Lovely horses – Sarah

Healing at Spatham Farm and the x rays from Emma – Bish

The group atmosphere the learning and what the weekend gave to me in my personnel development – Ruth

All of it, I am in my element around the horses – Tracie

Combination of practical and theory.  Brilliant grounded – fun grounded – Jane

Practical experience and experimental leaning in a safe and happy environment.  Partnering up with horsey pairs helped learning too – Joey

Healing Liz’s horses, meditation, and Genner’s Livery?

Great day, all very interesting, meditations as always were fab.  It was great to work with the 3 horses – Suzanne

Really enjoyed going out to Genner’s and working on a combination of horses and ponies.  Liked refreshing my mind on confirmation with Betty – Lynn

Enjoyed visiting the horses – Carol

Very good – Stuart

Enjoyed meeting all of Liz’s horses, all so different, Genners was amazing such a wonderful energy there – Bish

It was great to meet so many different horses with different roles and to learn how this effects them – Ruth

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different horses and sensing the different levels of energies – Tracie

Great starting with meditation to stay present.  Great being flung in and mixing up with other more experienced students.  Great learning from each other.  Great being at a yard with rescues as well as working at same time as a farrier who was fitting shoes on another horse – Jane

Feedback on day two at Spatham Farm and Rosann’s horses?

It was great to work with Bella – such a little pony with big energy – Suzanne

Again good to go out and get experience of horses and ponies with different jobs – Lynn

Enjoyed healing the horses and getting feedback from Rosann – Carol

Very good – Stuart

Loved Spatham and experiencing the different yards and atmospheres from one yard to another was great loved all the horses – Bish

This was a huge confidence boost for me especially when we got the feedback from Rosann and found out we were all spot on – Tracie

Again great having lots of practical experience.  Personally I like doing practical first so I could listen to the detailed feedback and see things practically which enabled me to relate theory to life – really helps me learn – Jane

An interesting day – I found feedback of shared experiences and feelings useful learning – Joey

Feedback on day three and four with Emma Farrow Barlett?

Emma is a great teacher  – very clear and concise and makes it fun – Lynn

Wonderful.  I loved the A&P section of the smallies course and this element of the equine course was just as fascinating – Andrea

Good refresher for me – well taught – Carol

Very good lots I didn’t know – Stuart

I enjoyed Emma’s teaching, loved the meditation in the garden at the end of the day – Bish

Amazing teacher really enjoyed learning about confirmation and bio dynamics– Ruth

All good really had to use my brain though – Tracie

Brilliant – Loved Emma’s teaching style – repetition and asking people to relate to life experience, cemented with quiz rally works for me.  Love the relaxation at the end – Jane

A fun filled day – Joey

Another great day of theory and practical. Great to visit Nutkin and friends and to be hands on with Liz’s horse re heart / breathing / pulse rate etc – Andrea

Well taught – Carol

Very good – Lots I didn’t know – Stuart

Loved the A&P today, more energy and found the x rays and leg totally fascinating – Bish

Great notes to study – Ruth

Its been a few years since going though the muscles so interesting – Tracie

Xrays, leg etc teaching tools all really helpful – Jane