Diploma in Small Animal Sensory and Food Enrichment

Diploma in Small Animal Sensory and Food Enrichment with Elizabeth Whiter

Six month part time course – Dogs, cats and small animals

Module one June 2024

Animals have an innate ability to self select plant material, herbage and food compounds to self nourish themselves. This rewarding course enables students to work with a range of animals at rescue centres and in private practice.

This is a unique course and extension to the one year Diploma in Animal Healing based on the extensive training, experience and work undertaken by Elizabeth Whiter in her international Animal Healing practice. Elizabeth is the author of The Animal Healer and You Can Heal Your Pet published by Hay House which details her Animal Healing clinic, A-Z Holistic health guide, macerated oils, tasty recipes and simple animal remedies.

This will be a fun and inspiring course on how to make natural animal food remedies for general wellbeing. This extended short course in natural food animal remedies will enable the student to also help owners and carers make an informed choice about the nutritional benefits of animal self selection using specific plant remedies to this course.

Just some of the exciting contents this course offers…

  • Identifying and harvesting of local herbs.
  • How to use fresh and dry herbs for simple remedies.
  • Equipment needed, drying and storage of herbs.
  • How to create a herb garden.
  • Have a clear understanding of what animal self selection is and how animals can benefit from an enhanced, nutritional healthy balanced diet containing plant material.
  • Be able to observe and understand why animals self select culinary macerated oils/ herbs/ clays/ honey specific to this course at animal rescue centres and with private clients.
  • How to make and use specific culinary macerated oils: Nettle, Marigold, Rosehip, Mint, Catnip, Chickweed.
  • Creating delicious herbal pet treats.
  • Making simple animal topical preparations.

Principal tutor: Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ ITEC Dip.WSA Assistant tutor: Gina Yiannis MHAO Elizabeth is a fully qualified and insured animal complementary practitioner and principal tutor of the Diploma in Animal and Equine Healing. Elizabeth’s pioneering Animal Healing training school established in 2005; is the first to train and register graduates in Diplomas in Animal and Equine Healing. Students work with a range of animals including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles and bats. This is a one year part time course with plenty of animal practical experience coupled with theory. Students wishing to specialise in Equine Healing can take a further six month diploma course after module four of the current diploma. The diplomas are recognised by Balens insurance. Upon completion of the diploma graduates will be qualified Animal Healer Practitioners. Elizabeth has an animal and human clinic in Sussex, specialising in healing, diet and nutrition, behaviour and emotional problems, how animals self-medicate themselves by selecting plants, food compounds, algae and clays to enhance their wellbeing. Elizabeth regularly works with vets, doctors, zoos, animal rescue centres and charities and has secured placements for students and graduates in animal rescue centres in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Southern Ireland and the UK. Tutor: Hazel Haylock MHAO professional full time gardener, teaching how to create a herb garden, taking cuttings, planting herbs and cultivating them. Examiner: Jeannie Billington M.A. B.Ed Honours, Director of the Post-graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCHE) at South Bank University,  OU Lecturer, Head teacher, external moderator and examiner for numerous exam boards, Member of the General Council of the Association of Teachers, Ofsted inspector Length of Course: The Diploma in Small Animal Sensory and Food Enrichment is studied for six months part-time. This will involve attendance of 4 days: 9.30am to 5.30pm for theory and practical. The course is set in the South Downs National Park and is only showcased once a year when foraging and harvesting of specific herbs takes place. Additional home study / assessments total time of course 120 hours. To be eligible to graduate from this course, students need to complete the following: Attendance of four day teaching module, animal case studies, assignments and assessments. Prerequisite: A current student or graduate of the Diploma in Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter. Course includes: Course manual, code of conduct and folder, all ingredients to make natural food animal recipes and remedies. This course can be used towards Continued Professional Development credits. click here to read student testimonials

For enquiries and a copy of the full prospectus and application form, please telephone Elizabeth Whiter on 01273 891472 or contact us

Entry Requirements:

This extended course is only offered to graduates and current students of the Diploma in Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter. The Diploma in Small Animal Sensory and Food Enrichment course is recognised by Balens Insurance and The Healing Animals Organisation.