Diploma in Equine Sensory Enrichment Feedback 2020

How did the online learning module help you in preparation for the practical training module?

It was good to have more knowledge ahead of the course, which allowed us/me to understand in more depth the information given on the course itself. Verity

The online course showed me how to do things so that when I started I could hit the ground running. Joy

It was very useful to see the theoretical side in the videos and demonstrated in detail. Marion

The online learning module really helped in the preparation. It was for me, an invaluable learning resource, I love to prepare! Karen

Very well, good insight to watch the videos and hear the information to gain prior knowledge and understanding before the four day module. Louise

Fantastically, very clear, concise and the integration of video training gave me great confidence. Sophie

Useful to have prior input, facilitated speedier learning on the course. Mike

I really enjoyed completing the sensory enrichment online module. I liked the videos best as you could clearly see all the herbs you are working with, their form and components, and it is so well explained while you offer them to the horses. The reaction of the horses is beautifully captured and it is so informative. The handbook has lots of information and I feel well prepared for the practical training with you and all the equines we will be offering enrichments. Marion

Have you found the Diploma handbooks, videos and notes useful?

Very. It was a great variety of information in different forms to allow learning from all angles. Verity

Yes, very informative and learning so much more about the subject. Joy

Yes, very useful. Marion

Love the handbooks. Videos were great to watch + make notes as I went. Karen

Excellent. The videos were great too. Louise

Absolutely, I feel confident with such resourceful information to look back on when needed. Sophie

Yes excellent – Mike 

Why is Equine Sensory Enrichment important for horses, ponies and donkeys?

It covers so many areas that may not be given for any equine. It can help in so many ways, physical, mental & emotional – as well as added nutrition. Verity

It helps them to relax, release and recover from emotional and physical unease. Marion

So important to be able to teach the guardians, so they can understand their horse’s needs. It will give them new knowledge and understanding of the importance of self-selection. Karen

To support the equines mentally, physically and emotionally. Louise

Because many of our four legged friends have unlimited access to the plants and oils that we offer. Offering the sensory enrichments helps to balance their physical & emotional health where they can’t naturally manage it for themselves. Sophie

Today it’s needed more than ever. I feel we are isolating equines from their traditional roots: to their detriment and frustration. Offering enrichments on this Diploma clearly demonstrates what equines need. Joy

Offers the possibility of improved quality of life for equines. Mike

What stood out for you when you treated horses at Briony’s and Moorcroft with sensory enrichments?

How different every horse reacted to all of the oils/ hydrosols. How deep it could take them too, with such a small amount of smell /ingestion. Verity

Being that much closer to the equines head is opposed to just the back of its body, seeing and observing how their top and bottom lips work for example. Joy

The different responses, self-selection and support of some of the guardians. Marion

I love the individuality of all the horses. Gaining experience of different types/breeds is an absolute must, such a good contrast between the two yards. Karen

To combine the healing together and self-selection together when appropriately asked by the equine. Moorcroft & Briony’s – how to summarise the selection of the equine once the self-selection had been completed. Louise

How individual each and every horse responds to the session, you can learn from every treatment. Sophie

How beneficial has the practical training at Chealsfield been for you and your ongoing practice?

This course has been worth its weight in gold, unbelievable value and I feel so privileged to be learning from Liz and her 30 odd years of research in this field. Sophie

Loved it – through a fab balance between practical + theory, I feel confident going forward & adding this to my therapies. Verity

Loved working with Betty, Dancer & Iris. Fantastic teachers, all very kind and generous with their time and I feel confident to work on my case studies. Joy

I am hoping to do a lot more equine rescue work. Marion

So beneficial to have the practical training. Practical training gives us an insight into all the different plants/trees, first hand. Loved making the products too! Mike and Liz make it look easy & manageable. Karen

Outstanding, feel much more confident with the self-selection from completing the practical after the online theory. Louise

Offered a new source of equine work for me. Mike

How important is to learn about hedgerow and tree browse for equines?

Very – it is something that many people don’t know about. I love that I can help to educate owners from now on to better help their horses. Verity

Very important as many equine guardians are unfamiliar with tree browse for their equines, it hadn’t occurred to me before. It’s the same as eating in season and to be in tune with nature. Joy

Very important, it is a free resource and so important for all equines. Marion

Really important to learn the differences + be able to identify different species. This knowledge can then be passed on to the guardian. Karen

Very important. So many properties within the hedgerow and the tree browse that can help an equines condition mentally, physically and emotionally. Learning to be resourceful with the hedgerow and tree browse. Louise

Paramount, we need to be able to identify the nutritional & toxic plant materials so that we can share this knowledge with guardians & empower them to learn too. Sophie

Importance with become apparent with on-going usage. Mike

How much did you enjoy making oils, hydrosols, balms, and foraging for browse and plant compounds?

Really enjoyed it – can’t wait to do it myself. Verity

Great fun and it was made so enjoyable that we can do this at home. Joy

Very much, I love making them and foraging in nature. Marion

Really really loved it, can’t wait to get home + make a start ready for my case studies + my own horses. Karen

Excellent, very much enjoyed all the making of hydrosols, balms and licks. Louise

My favourite part of the course, so practical and great for hands on learners. I truly feel more equipped for this line of work, more so than other practitioners. Sophie

Always enlightening & enjoyable. Mike