Diploma in Equine Sensory and Food Enrichment

The Diploma in Equine Sensory Enrichment is a unique, in depth, vocational and combined E learning course. This will be fun and inspiring. Students have Elizabeth’s first-hand knowledge and use of twenty five years plus working with equines in sensory and food enrichment for general wellbeing. This certified and insured Continued Professional Development Course is ONLY available to graduates from the Diploma in Equine Healing and Communication.

On the practical training module, students will be working hands on with a variety of equines in private and competition yards, rescue and rehabilitation centres: observing the self-selection process first hand.

As fresh/dry herbage is paramount to an equines overall diet, students will also be foraging for herbs and plants from the hedgerows and transforming some of these wonderful medicinal plants into herbal remedies and delicious healthy equine treats in the kitchen.

Students can also help equine guardians and rescue/rehabilitation carers make an informed choice about the sensory and nutritional benefits of equine self-selection using culinary herb infused oils, hydrosols, fresh/dried herbage and specific plant remedies on this course. If you are interested in enrolling on the Diploma in Equine Sensory Enrichment, students have first to complete the Diploma in Equine Healing and Communication. Please email for a prospectus.