Diploma in Equine Healing Module 2 Student Feedback

Diploma in Equine Healing Module 2 by
Jackie equine student July 2010


Suited and Booted! That’s what the Equine Group completing Module Two were when they arrived. The usual cuppas were made, laughter and stories were heard. Iris, our first patient, was very accommodating, and for that we were all very grateful. Then it was off to Moorcroft. Here there were no histories of abuse or mistreat. The horses were in spacious stables and well looked after. Horses had found their way to Moorcroft after long days of steeplechase, or change in owner’s financial situation. One horse had been a £1,000,000 winner in his day. None of that mattered to us, we just wanted to give as much love and healing to these beautiful animals as we could.

There was no stopping us after that wonderful visit so next stop was Justina’s livery only a stones throw away from Chealsfield. The weather was on our side that day as we started on our meditative walk to Justina’s. It was wonderful to connect with nature, feeling the sun on our backs and the colour of the wheat seemed extra golden. Justina, who we called an Earth Angel, greeted us all with a warm smile and gave us a history of each of the horses. We were paired up and got straight to healing. One of the horses had mouth ulcers; the other had been born and flown in from Dubai and just resting there until he was ready to start his racing career. The walk back gave us all time to process all the healing and continue on our own inward meditative journey.

Just to let you know, we were allowed to stop for lunch, teas and to spend a few pennies…and take a breather.

We met Herbie, Mandi’s rescue pony. He taught us so many things about “us humans”. Many times people forget that animals do talk, they do try to communicate with us and without truly listening, we mistake these communications for behaviour issues or something else and it snowballs, sadly not in the animal’s favour.

It was Saturday and we were all excited, this meant we got to go to The Longines Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead. Adrenaline could be felt pumping in the air. The level of fitness in these horses was incredible. This is where it was made possible for all our notes on conformation and anatomy to all come in to play.

Our last stop was Pond Farm, a rescue being set up by a previous graduate of the Healing Animals Organization. Here many of the horses had come from Ireland in a terrible state. In the few months of being at Pond Farm, they have made so much progress from all the love they have been getting. We again were given histories and paired together. These beauties were in much need of healing. They soaked up every bit of healing they could and we could not give enough.

It was amazing to see so many breeds, conformations and temperaments over those four days.

In the four days, I am not quite sure who taught who? What I am sure of is, we all left feeling humbled by these beautiful, amazing animals. It was that time again. Tears were shed, good byes said. I know I have a special memory held close to my heart from the four days, as I am sure the rest of the group each have their own very special memory.

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Thank you again for such an amazing five days. I feel as if I’ve been super-charged in my healing, catapulted in my awareness and incredibly blessed in so many ways. The variety of experiences you put together for us was absolutely perfect, and such a range of equines! My goodness I’ve learned so many precious lessons. Susan equine student module 2 July 2010