Diploma in Equine healing and Communication 2022

A message I sent to my classmates this morning:

The past two years I have been using the healing practice of gratefulness and it has changed my life. This morning and often the top of my gratefulness list has been the woman who brought us all together. Over the past six months of study and with 12 in-person module days her 20+ years of experience, of love and devotion to animals and their guardians has given us the opportunity to learn so much. She has taught us how to use energy healing to heal equines and their guardians, the importance of self-care, meditation, grounding, clearing and protecting, sound healing with various instruments and movement therapy with qi-gong. We have been given the connection and opportunity to work at various yards with people who are listening and open. We’ve worked with top competing horses and been introduced to the world of equine rehabilitation. We met and learned about equine biodynamics from a top osteopath working at Olympic level and were taught about anatomy, physiology and first aid: all vitality important information for a better understanding of our equine friends. We had our eyes opened to new methods of healing to continue our curiosity like relaxation massage and sensory enrichment/self-selection. We were offered a cacao ceremony to open up our connection further and given a gong bath and offered beautiful crystals. And we were shown love and how to love no matter who or what is being thrown your way and how important it is not to judge. We were taught and offered all of this in such a short time yet it has taken over 20 years of devotion, love and building friendships, trust and alliances to do it and so this morning I share with you my grateful list and how Elizabeth Whiter is at the top of this list for all that she has given us and continues to give to so many. 🙏🐴✨💕

Erika and Jessica