Diploma in Animal Healing Student Feedback 2012

Diploma in Animal Healing Student Feedback

Module One September 2012

It was simply serendipity that brought Elizabeth and I together it was apparent from the start that we were on exactly the same wave length. I have spent 50 years of my life working with and treating all sorts of animals. The idea of energy healing had never entered my mind so a whole new and very rewarding chapter of my life has opened. 

For me meeting Elizabeth with her passion and commitment to all animals is a breath of fresh air and I have the greatest respect for her and her work – Francis Vet

All the information about healing and working right away on how to do case studies, meeting guardians and different types of animals. Meeting like minded people – Kym

A good grounding in the basics of the course and learning with enough confidence to do case studies and assignments.  Meeting my group and the support and bonding, friendships and lovely experiences with many beautiful animals and their guardians.  Supportive feedback – Vanessa

A great introduction to animal healing on easy understanding and explanation of how animal healing and healing can help us all – Tracie

Watching dogs and cats basking in the healing and visibly calmed and relaxed.  Wonderful meditations and excellent teaching from Elizabeth.  Working with a group of warm and caring people with similar mindset re healing – Jacqueline

Guided attunements and meditations every morning and before healing sessions.    Fantastic support by Elizabeth.  A good start on my journey from Vet to healing Vet. – Dr Rohini Vet

I loved being with all of the animals and being able to share healing with them– Debs 

Meeting like minded people.  Working with a variety of animals.  Visiting the animal sanctuary.  Having my own dog case study on the Sunday.  I am starting an incredible journey – Julie-Anne

Meeting like minded people.  Receiving all the healing information and being able to participate in sessions with animals has been really enjoyable and inspirational – Maria

Healing at Paws animal sanctuary. Healing visiting animals and guardians.  Meeting everyone else on the course students and teachers.  Code of Conduct / uniform, insurance information – Andrea

Healing and getting to know different animals – Sharyn

Hands on practical experience and feedback useful for finding out other healers experiences – Marjorie

Meeting the other students and being with people of similar mind.  Getting to experience new animals like the rats and guinea pigs for me was huge.  I really am not a fan of rats but it helped me overcome my reactivity towards them. – Lynn

Feedback on Healing at Paws Animal Sanctuary?

The learning, the healing, the comradeship and the love for all animals – Francis Vet

A great experience of practical healing and very humbling – my first visit to an animal sanctuary – Vanessa

An amazing experience to work with all small animals and to experience all the different energies – Tracie

What an incredible and giving person Stacey is.  She provides a safe sanctuary for so many animals –Jacqueline

Magnificent.  It was excellent and taught me a lot about letting go of ego / outcomes – Debs

It was amazing.  Great to see a mix of animals and observe their body language before and after healing –Julie-Anne

Meeting such a dedicated lady who devotes all of her time and care to the animals was very humbling.  It was very clear that she is passionate about the sanctuary and the animals that reside there. – Maria

Wonderful!  Still have the rabbits and cat I treated very much in mind and sending healing.  Will look up website when home – Andrea

Unique experience. Wonderful to observe the animals relaxing during the healing sessions. – Dr Rohini Vet
That was wonderful and I learnt a lot very quickly.  Liz had prepared this session– just gorgeous and the wonderful Stacey – Sue

Really enjoyed working with and seeing a variety of animals and hearing other healers experience – A worthy course – Marjorie

Great to meet new animals and meet Stacey and experience her commitment and dedication.  I hope to do plenty of case studies here to get a wide range of experience of different animals – Lynn

Loved it.  Will try and use them again / help them – Sharyn

Module two – Feedback on animal practical sessions?

Very good.  I am quite amazed by what we have all achieved in just 4 days and it is wonderful to see Liz conducting healings.  Liz is a truly loving and inspirational lady and remarkable person – Jacqueline

Very beneficial – guardians all dedicated / carers of animals spectacular. It was great experience and allowed me to work in a busy environment, to speed up in grounding myself, holding space – Debs

Great!  Consultation form very thorough and a great help to start with – Julie-Anne

Wonderful, lovely to see how the animals instinctively respond to healing – Maria

Good practice at filling in consultation form and getting to know both the animal and guardian – Andrea

Learning to quieten the mind and focus in a room full of animals and people.  Really good practice  – Dr Rohini Vet

They were all fabulous experiences and so varied.  Again obviously well thought through and prepared.  Learning we can do this even though we might be in a busy loud rescue centre – Interesting to hear what other people felt in our discussion group with Liz after the healings – Marjorie

Really enjoyed these and felt I had learnt to trust my intuition and senses more by the end.  Lovely to see guardians who want to the best and are open to healing – Lynn

Sessions were well directed, both human and animal – lots to learn and a great confidence builder and exercise – Vanessa

Very helpful and allowed me to stay in the present moment – Sharyn

Feedback on the nutrition module?

Excellent and informative and gives students confidence to hold a discussion with animal carers about the variety of foods available – Andrea

Very interesting.  Enjoyed watching the animals self select good nutritious foods.  Learn’t some new recipes and loved the nettle biscuit Liz made – Dr Rohini Vet

Very interesting I am shocked by what is put in some cat and dog feed – Jacqueline 

Excellent – really opened my eyes up as to what goes into food, what each species needs to have a balanced diet – Lynn

Excellent.  This module taught me that the majority of feed that carers buy or are targeted to buy are rubbish and have very little goodness in them – Richard

Very impressing will be looking at labels in a different way from now on – Tracie

Informative and has prompted me to learn more and in more detail – Marjorie

Feedback on animal behaviour with Michelle Garvey?

Wonderful.  Michelle had so much knowledge and enthusiasm.  Excellent quality notes and practical exercises – Andrea

Good amount of information.  Learnt lots of new information.  Very nicely presented, endearing person – Dr Rohini Vet

Enjoyed this.  Good – Jacqueline

Good – re-affirmed a lot of what I think and that I am working on the right lines, loved observing some of the dogs who were part of this module – Lynn

I enjoyed Michelle’s module and watching the dogs respond to her practical exercises very favourably –Francis Vet

Very good.  A useful session even if some of us may not develop this side further – Richard

Really interesting, would like to learn more – Tracie

Very interesting and informative – Sharyn

Lovely lady also very interesting information – Marjorie

Michelle was very clear and her presentation was well structured and presented.  She was very generous in the time she spent answering our questions – Sue

Feedback on practical animal healing at Raystede?

I really enjoyed it – great to have an extended period of time being with such a variety of animals and Liz’s expertise – Debbie

Amazing experience to work with so many different animals and birds and their different energies.  Very professional welcoming caring and knowledgeable staff.  Fantastic facility – Andrea

Very valuable experience.  Realised healing can energise as well as relax.  Could really appreciate the differences in energy in different species – Dr Rohini Vet

It was good to get hands on experience of animals (smallies) that I have had little contact with.  Really enjoyed working on the cats and dogs – Lynn

Amazing place to work and get experience of healing with different animals and their energies – Tracie

Love it, would like to go back, very valuable experience.  Amazing place – Sharyn

Amazing place could teach other rescue centres a lot.  Great to work on 4 species – Marjorie

Wonderful experience.  I learned a lot about the correct environments for small animals.  Lovely time with two cats and learning from Liz about how to deliver healing to them – Sue

What an amazing place.  I think the animals are kept in very good conditions and I sensed there were happy. It was wonderful to work with four different species– Richard

What did you most enjoy about Module 3?

All of it!  Especially tuition in A&P – veterinary /medical knowledge.  All of Emma’s teaching sessions – Andrea

Everything was really enjoyable – Richard

Meditations – insights sharing – Dr Rohini Vet

Hands on experience and the variety – Marjorie

Visiting the RSPCA and the 1st Aid – Tracie

The practical Elements & the visit to the RSPCA – Sharyn

The meditation and healing sessions – Jacqueline

Interesting to see dogs with more complex problems e.g. Jack (Nat/Tim/Hudson) and to remind and show us how to handle these dogs safely – Lynn

Doing a healing on a bat and learning about them.  Wouldn’t normally have access to such an animal.  Also enjoyed the interactive parts of day 1 of A&P – Julie-Anne

Companionship, humour and meditation – Francis Vet

Revising A&P and putting technical and practical together – Vanessa

What did you enjoy about the Physiology and Anatomy unit?

All of it!  Hugely valuable knowledge of animal anatomy.  Quizzes to test knowledge.  Emma’s excellent teaching and communication skills.  The opportunity to learn all of the appropriate veterinary terminology –Andrea

The fact that I know more than I thought and learnt more because Emma is a great teacher and made it very enjoyable and fun – Richard

Recaps.  Good teacher and the quizzes – Dr Rohini Vet

Found it interesting. How important A&P is to the whole understanding of how the body works – Tracie

Having given up Biology and not taken O Levels my knowledge was very scarce.  Found Emma’s teaching very good and learnt a lot – Jacqueline

Really good to go back over things and re fresh my mind. Wonderful to have Liz’s animal companions to demonstrate anatomical positions. Emma was very clear and made it easy to understand – Lynn

The interactive parts to help consolidate the learning.  Also the quizzes at the end of the day – Julie-Anne

Emma is a very good teacher. There was plenty of practical and theory information – Francis Vet

Emma’s teaching style.  Models for visual and practical work helpful.  That I had remembered a lot from learning years ago – Vanessa

How was the RSPCA animal healing practical sessions?

Great experience.  Feeling and sensing different energies from a pregnant cat and snake – Dr Rohini Vet

Very good, wonderful working with the staff who really appreciate the relaxation techniques we are offering –Marjorie

Very good even if a bit emotional for me – Tracie

Good – loved it – Sharyn

Very rewarding. Delightful Jack Russell I worked with. Then onto a Python – Francis Vet

Interesting to see the differences in the three rescue centres we have visited so far on the Diploma. All showing compassion and love for the animals in their care – Vanessa

Very good, loved working with different species – Richard

What did you learn about the First Aid Session?

How to do a proper bandage and the different types of fractures and wounds – Julie-Anne 

Practical sessions on teddies and live animals are very educational. This will be useful when we work with Liz and vets overseas at rescue centres – Andrea

The fact that I know more than I thought and learnt more because Emma is a great teacher and made it very enjoyable and fun – Richard

Got ideas on what I could advise my clients to know / learn.  Listening to the other students, I could see what my clients ‘did not know’ – Dr Rohini Vet

Experience and confidence to try if needed – Marjorie

Very knowledgeable and learnt how to apply a doughnut bandage, good over all refresher – Tracie

The difference between human and animal first aid – Sharyn

Good to know how to bandage – Jacqueline

How to handle cats!  Also bandaging dogs – didn’t know about padding out claws or using doughnut bandages.  Again good to go over things and refresh – Lynn

Very informative practical session – Francis Vet

Lots of practical things I need to know to feel competent – Vanessa

What did you enjoy about Module 4?

Diane’s session very helpful built confidence in dealing with certain situations.  Reptiles/ferrets – fascinating and informative.  Practising distant healing and human healing.  Bereavement discussions was very supportive – Sue

Enjoyed all of it.  Experienced a range of emotions form sadness to relaxation.  Surprised oneself by completing the walk effortlessly.  Great camaraderie.  Learnt some new insights.  Reptiles and ferret energy experience was fab – Dr Rohini Vet

The continual development and the session with Dian Rainbow – Richard

The variety of animals, the walk and support and feedback from others on the course – Marjorie

Walk and working at RSPCA – Sharyn

All of it – but especially the opportunity to experience reptile energy courtesy of Spike and the Beaded Dragon and Carrie.  Sponsored walk was very enjoyable – an opportunity to mix with and chat to fellow students.  Delighted that funds raised exceeded £1,000.  – Andrea

Being with the smaller group again and marvelling at our journey and achievements so far – Vanessa

The whole module has been as always a great learning curve – Tracie

How did you enjoy the Module 4 RSPCA visit?

Good to practice achieving ‘still point’ in a noisy environment.  Great experience for me as keen to work more in Rescue Centres – Sue

Always a challenging yet a unique learning experience!  Felt a great oneness with a rescue dog called Teddy I was working with and felt his emotions and cried.  Wonderful working with some very shy abandoned dogs who in the healing session cuddled up to me and really relaxed and trusted I was there to help – Dr Rohini Vet

I found it very rewarding and enjoyed giving healing to an abandoned staffi who curled up and fell asleep and let out a huge sigh – Richard

Great always would like longer with the rescue animals as the time always goes so fast – Marjorie

Love it – have told some friends about the animals worked on whilst there and they are going to visit the RSPCA about taking these animals on – Sharyn

Very much.  It was wonderful to work with May the Yorkshire Terrier and to bring her some healing and peace in such a busy and noisy setting – Andrea

Always enjoy the RSPCA being able to give these animals some love and attention and experiencing the different types of animals – Tracie

How did you enjoy the reptile module?

Very interesting and enjoyable.  Mandy was great – gave lots of information – Sue

It was great to feel the differences in the energy of the Chameleon and the dragons.  Enjoyed handling the animals having them climbing on me and feeling their energy fields – Dr Rohini Vet

I enjoyed sensing the different energy of the reptiles – Richard

Very informative great to work with reptiles as I do not have a lot of experience with reptiles – Marjorie

Interesting and never been around reptiles before, am now more open to them – Sharyn

Fascinating and very informative as I have no previous knowledge or experience.  Amazing ‘pins and needles’ energy – Andrea

It was very interesting and good to experience their energy, also to learn something of the complex husbandry – Vanessa

Great learnt that as wouldn’t normally have the chance to feel or see reptiles – Tracie

How is this course changing your life?

This has been a life changing journey of self realization and understanding my true life purpose.  I have transformed during this course from an ordinary vet to an Animal Healer with a new perspective on veterinary care and a great vision for developing my own Holistic Integrated Veterinary Practice – Dr Rohini Vet

Lots – huge learning curve.  Have more of an appreciation for different animals.  More interested in animal nutrition etc (when I meet people) – Sharyn

For the better.  I feel much more confident and happier – Richard

Opened up another aspect of life and possibilities’. Made me think and question more enquire – Marjorie

Completely!  This is now what I am –  Andrea

It is causing me to focus on how I am going to use what I have learnt most usefully in the future – in all areas of my life – Vanessa

Hugely – The changes in my life have been amazing sometimes slow but all for the better – Tracie

Developing confidence, intuition, spiritual awareness – has brought a new perspective and feeling of belonging have met some wonderful people – Sue

Feedback on your session with the examiner Diane Rainbow?

Very informative and cleared up a lot of questions around learning outcomes, exams and what’s expected from work. This is a truly professional and caring course – Lynn

I felt very reassured after this session as Diane made it very clear what she requires in case studies –Richard

It was extremely useful – Diane was very approachable – Debbie

Very helpful to ensure that future case studies etc. meet the required standard – Andrea

Great session. Love the standards the Healing Animals Organisation expects! Also could see the importance of the learning outcomes – Dr Rohini Vet

Great.  She made everything very clear and easy to comprehend – Jacqueline

Informative and useful explained a lot and made things clear and easy to understand – Tracie

Informative and useful – Sharyn

Lovely lady and gave lots of useful information – Marjorie

What a human! She was very clear about what we need to do and really clarified the learning outcomes and how to present them.  Very very useful – Sue