Diploma in Animal Healing Student Feedback 2013 – 2014

Diploma in Animal Healing Student Feedback 2013 – 2014

Module 1 September

What did you most enjoy about module one?

I enjoyed all of the practical animal healing sessions, in particular the session today with Lee Lou and Digby and to observe their beautiful reactions to the healing I gave them. I loved the visit to Paws Sanctuary and giving healing to a variety of animals– Linda 

It was all amazing, I enjoy the understanding I now have the knowledge of how the chakras relate to different parts of the body.  Love the energy flow and connection to our group.  The fabulous animals you have arranged for us to work on. The meditations were all amazing.  The discipline have when learning, no talking over each other interrupting others.  Liz, Sue and Susan your knowledge – Louise 

Getting to know the other students and working as a team. Healing the wonderful rescued animals at Paws and how the staff at Paws, appreciate how healing can help – Hilary

Hands on healing with the animals, meeting new people and learning, also gained valuable confidence on human healing – Jacqueline 

The meditations, the animals, the people and lovely students.  We are a lovely group – Sarah 

The honour of working with live animals was profound for me – guided by their wisdom.  The course work so far is appropriate for so many situations for me working in a healing industry with humans already – I feel I have already experienced so much I can use immediately – Kim 

I loved working one to one with “mojo” who accepted my healing with such enthusiasm and eventually settling into it, and fell asleep.  She moved each part of her body towards the healing and relaxed processed by stretching, yawning and blinking – Jenny 

Everything exceeded my expectations, but in particular I loved the way everyone helped to heal Freddie of his throat irritation, accepted him as one of the group, and the way Liz gave me so much practical advice about his lead/harness, diet teaching behaviour issues – Sue 

Working with so many animals and going out to Paws – it was good to practice healing so early on. I have never known a course where you can build your confidence with “doing” rather than just watching or reading about it – Catriona 

Mastering the techniques of how to relax, breathe, start and finishing a healing session.  Going through a consultation form and fact finding  with the guardian.  Having the experience of healing animals direct.  Learning how to heal myself, as welt healing animals and people – Jamie 

Feedback on visit to Paws animal sanctuary?

It was a great experience healing different animals.  I went not knowing what to expect and had confirmation that I can be a healer when a guinea pig lay on its side and ushered me to give healing to her pelvis– Carolyn 

I absolutely loved this beautiful experience to be amongst so many different animals that I would rarely have the chance to meet – it was truly wonderful and magical to heal these animals and see their reaction – Linda 

Amazing place, the animals, the sanctuary shows how the centre can be set up, the amazing work Paws carries out to support the animals that have been rescued.  The support the Healing Animal Organisation provides to Paw’s – Louise 

I was amazed by Paws so much going on in a little place.  The healing on the cat (baby) which renamed amber as she asked.  The guinea pig Rodney was very enjoyable also.  It was great to see them accept the healing – Shinead 

Feedback on practical animal healing sessions?

So enjoyed observing Liz doing these sessions.  Learnt so much from Liz’s guidance when we had animals to work on.  Carolyn 

I truly loved the practical animal healing sessions they made everything so real and helped to grow my confidence and trust in my ability to be an animal healer by witnessing the animal reactions – Linda 

Excellent organisation in getting the animals in, the wide selection and the kindness of the animals and the guardians for letting me work with them to gain knowledge and skills – Louise 

Extremely helpful and excellent guidance given – Hilary 

Great.  Liked the “one” animals sessions – Anita

Provided me with confidence and confirmation about my ability to be a healer – Jacqueline

Most enjoyable.  Feeling the different energies especially being able to work with cat’s and rabbits – Sarah

Impressed with how quickly the animals settled into it and the energy generated.  All the guardians seemed totally absorbed and benefiting from the experiences which can only go to help their animals from there on – Frances 

Wonderful the most amazing experience.  It feels so different to work with animals from humans – Kim 

I loved the practical healing sessions and found them the bit of the course I enjoyed the most.  The animals and companions where fabulous and it was great experience – very positive an reassuring to see the theory put into practice successfully – Jenny 

Really enjoyable and helpful in giving me the self confidence to being doing some on my own – Sue 

Most amazing to watch and be a part of confirmation we do really work together and share intuition and energy – Shinead 

Student Feedback – Module 2 – 2014

What did you most enjoy about module two?

Loved all of it, all 4 days were exciting, learnt new skills and knowledge this is the starting point for me how to practice.  Everything that has happened and been taught is to such value of how I can support others, animals and guardians – Louise

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the RSPCA and the visit from Lindsey as this gave me the chance to work with a variety of animals, cats & rabbits – Linda

Group meditations, visiting RSPCA – enjoying different energies – Aet

Loads of healing with all the different animals and meeting their guardians where applicable, the visit to the RSPCA – Jacquie

All of it really.  The meditations were lovely – Hilary

RSPCA, Lindsey and her animals.  Getting back together again.  The meditations – Sarah

Visit to the RSPCA.  I was very impressed at the condition of all the animals and the knowledge of each individual by the staff there – Frances

The animal consultation / healing and the RSPCA visit.  The variety of animals – Anita

Animal behaviour session with Michelle.  All the nutrition and diet stuff with the dogs.  Small animals healing with Lindsey.  Healing big dog at the RSPCA Patcham.  Basically all of it – Sue

How important is the practical animal healing sessions at rescue centres such as the RSPCA?

So important for the animals and the results show this.  So important for us on the course to go as part of our training – Carolyn

The importance of the practical healing session is the RSPCA deals with many cases.  The environment can be very busy and dealing with different people coming into the centre for various reasons.  The most important is realising the difference a healer can make to the animals life, the animal is in need of the treatment – Louise

I really love the practical healing sessions as it gives me much needed practice and there is a very different energy when working as a group together – Linda

It is very important if we learn how to let go of their emotions and stay present.  How unpleasant is to feel rescue animals – Aet

Very important, gives a better understanding of animals, their situation what we can give them and able to manifest a home – Jacquie

It is important experience to be working with animals who do not currently have a happy home life as they have a different energy.  It is good to have the opportunity of giving healing as a service – Hilary

Very.  It filled me with confidence so now feel I can go to my local rescue centres and offer healing – Sarah

Because of dealing with animals who often through no fault of their own have found themselves abandoned and wrenched away from an environment where hey may have felt secure.  Useful therefore to be able to deal with stress and less trauma – Frances

This is very important to connect with different animals with different behaviour – Anita

Very important because of the increased re-homing that follows because of the animals are calmed down and made to feel important.  Also, great experience as Jacquie and I would like to offer our service at our local dogs trust re-homing centre local to us – Sue

Feedback on the nutrition module so far?

Very interesting.  Some I knew already but so good to revisit.  My knowledge is only canine so very interested in the other animals especially cats – Carolyn

Liz is very knowledgeable and has taught me about nutrition and the foods that animals can have, she has taught me how to read labels and what the food content is. Plus the range of natural store cupboard foods available to guardians is extensive and very useful!  As with all the sessions we have covered the nutritional module is so important to an animal’s life – Louise

I am fascinated by the module on nutrition and recognise the importance of food for animals just as for the guardians.  I have already introduced fresh vegetables and linseed oil to my friend (case study) – Linda

Very informative, useful and practical, looking forward to spreading the word – Jacquie

Very enlightening – the information on regular food treats is quite shocking and the guidance on suitable foods is invaluable – Hilary

Mind blowing! Very disappointing at how the lack of knowledge about feeding of animals has and still leads to so many animal conditions which could so easily be avoided – Frances

Very interesting – very useful (both for my own dog and for future guardians for help)  I shall spend a lot of time scrutinising pet food labels from now on – Sue

Feedback on animal behaviour with Michelle Garvey?

Fantastic! Animal behaviour I know very little about; the module was informal but very important of all the context of information, Michelle is very knowledgeable and any question was always answered.  The module is something I want to learn more about to get a better understanding of the animal awareness, and understanding of the animal – Louise

I really enjoyed this session and will look forward to read all the detailed notes provided – Linda

Enjoyed very much and looking forward to learning more thought the communication module – Jacquie

Really helpful – more please – Hilary

Very informative.  Eye opener and will help with case studies – Sarah

Michelle really knows her stuff and some practical demonstrations with Freddy to illustrate the techniques was valuable – Frances

Excellent, very interesting – Anita

Great!  Learnt a lot to help with all animals, but especially with Freddie.  Loved it when Michelle used Freddie to demonstrate he is such a quick learner and eager to please, so I must capitalise on this – Sue

How important is offering healing to the pet guardian, if appropriate in an animal healing session?

Very important, it is important to invite the guardian in to help them relax and get a good understanding of what the animal is receiving, it is a very special moment for the animal and the guardian to share – Louise

I think it is extremely important to offer the healing to the guardian so that they can both enjoy the experience together, frequently it is the guardian that needs it too, I will be offering it now for my case study guardians – Linda

Very important, both can help each other, the guardian can see the benefit to their animal but they can also experience what their animal is going through – Jacquie

Very – not just to help the guardian experience healing, but also because often they will have some personal problem which impacts on the animal – Hilary

Very important.  Helps the guardian experience what their pet feels during the healing.  Helps guardian to release any stress – Sarah

The guardian may be passing on a lot of their vices to their animals and the animal will not be able to make progress if that situation continues – Frances

It is completing an animal healing session; if time allows and the guardian agrees it is very good to finish with a guardian healing– Anita

Very important and I think I will enjoy that aspect of animal healing.  I have come away from module 2 with more ideas on how to do this effectively – Sue

The majority of the time it is the owner who has the problems and the dog is mirroring so it is very important to get the owner on board – Carolyn

Student Feedback – Module 3 – 2014

What did you most enjoy about module 3?

It was just fantastic to be back amidst my healing sisters including Liz and Susan – Chealsfield just has amazing energy.  The visit to the RSPCA was extremely fulfilling as we were privileged to be given the opportunity to give healing to those who need it most along with love from the heart – Deborah

Visit to RSPCA – Valerie

The talk from Amanda – it was so interesting and time just flew – Mel

Amanda’s session with bees & bats.  Increasing closeness of all the students in the group – Sue

I enjoyed all of it – Margaret

Talk and time with the bats.  Talk and learning about the bees – Colette

Visiting the RSPCA – Wendy

The Healing both at the RSPCA and with the bats (they were so special).  Amanda’s talk was extremely full, interesting an easy to digest – Sue

Meeting the bats & learning about bees, primarily, but enjoyed every minute of it – Anita

A&P – it is one of my favourite subjects so it as wonderful to have this for animals – it was one of the things that drew me to this course, to get this information and knowledge. Also love the bees and bats.  The meditation are always wonderful and open up such insights.  In short, all of it – Robyn.

How was the RSPCA practical session?

Excellent – loved working with Banjo and Candice the pups and every friendly staff – Debbie

Spent a lot longer with one dog.  Jed, so felt there was time to build more of a relationship.  Actually doesn’t matter how long we spend, it is always rewarding – Valerie

It was a challenge but I gained much learning from this and am grateful for all the opportunities to practice – Mel

Good even if it was cold!! Would have been nice to have had a bit longer there, but I realised the problem of possible infection – Sue

I worked on two black and white cats.  They had only been there for 6 days as their owner had died.  They responded very well to the healing, they really wanted some human company and touch.  I felt them outside in the sunshine, thinking out loud.  (They had been in cage when I arrived) – Margaret

It was useful to observe two cat’s behaviour and energy.  It also proved helpful in developing concentration wile working with the cats as a gentlemen kept talking toe me about his holiday!! – Colette

Very rewarding, made me realise I can make a difference – Wendy

That was excellent,  I learned to back away from an unpredictable cat and hold the healing space – Sue

Interesting working with two very different cats.  I hands on and I hands off healing – Anita

Very useful, I feel I learnt & benefited so much from the opportunities and rescue centres – Robyn 

What did you enjoy about the Bat Hospital and Bee Talk?

It was amazing to be so close to these tiny creatures and learn about them.  Couldn’t believe how the bees communicate and how they work as a community etc – fascinating – Debbie

Amanda was very knowledgeable and obviously enjoyed her topic which was contagious.  Can’t think there is much she doesn’t know about either bees or bats – Valerie

Really enjoyed healing the bats and the wonderful opportunity of one of them flying oven and being to gently handle him.  Learnt so much about bats and about ways to encourage bees into our gardens etc.  Liked the lady presenting as she had a lovely nature – Colette

Amanda’s enthusiasm.  Giving healing to the bats.  Learning how absolutely incredible they are – Wendy

Having the opportunity to handle the bats, feel their energy.  Again, Amanda is an excellent speaker, full of knowledge and ready to answer all questions – Sue

Finding about the different breeds.  Fascinating to hear how hard our lovely bees work – Anita

It was wonderful to hear the information and meet and heal the bats – not something you get the opportunity to learn about in regular day to day life and Amanda is so knowledgeable with all her fist hand experience – Robyn

What did you enjoy about the Physiology and anatomy unit?

Most informative and enjoyed the fact that it was interactive and we had Luke & Rufus to relate the Anatomical information to – Emma made what could have been a very dry subject interesting throughout and is extremely knowledgeable and patient answering all our questions – Debbie

Emma was very good teacher and interspersed slides and talk with practical activities which definitely focused you and woke you up – Valerie

I thought Emma was great using images to help explain e.g. the x-rays and I found the recap activities throughout extremely helpful – not to mention the dogs as glamorous assistants – Mel

Emma teaches it really well and makes what could be a dry subject more festinating with slides and lots of practical exercises with the dogs and cats – Sue

Presenter’s gentle ways of putting over the information.  Being able to find the structures etc on presenter’s dogs.  Liz’s skeleton models were great  to work with in practical sessions – Colette

Very informative.  Emma is an extremely good teacher was so helpful having live dogs to examine.  E.g. feeling the femoral pulse – Anita

It is something that has always fascinated me – I love how the body works and is all interconnected.  I have been very keen to learn this about animals to support my practice so this module has been invaluable just wish there was more time! Perhaps it would be useful to have further / follow-up sessions as CDP when we have more experience – Robyn

Student Feedback – Module 4 – 2014

May 2014

What did you enjoy about module four?

Patcham, Zoe, the Afghans especially seeing Amber again.  Cassie and Spike.  I love all the healing practical sessions.  Also really value the bereavement information as I am considering focusing on this area and 1st aid because I really enjoy this – Robyn

All of it J – Mel

Reptiles and the First Aid Session – Colette

Being in another group. Having my interview with Diane.  Meditation sessions.  The sponsored walk. RSPCA working with the staff – Robert

Everything but particularly meeting the reptiles and the first id day – Anita

Lovely to see everyone again and what was there not to enjoy – Sue

Everything!  Sop well thought out.  The bereavement module was inspiring and will add a different dimension to my healing which I am looking forward t – Denise

Blowing up Iris’s nose!  The outdoor healing was special and love the walk – Valerie

The whole module was great.  Especially liked the first aid day – Sue

Everything but particularly meeting Spike the Bearded Dragon and Cassie the chameleon with Mandy as very different energy to cats/dogs/horses – very ancient energy and wisdom much like the python at RSPCA Patcham – Deborah

The feeling of the group, lots of love in the room – Wendy

First of all I can’t believe I have reached module 4 already.  I enjoyed all of it especially having outside in the field doing human healing with the horses looking at us from behind the fence – Margaret

How did you enjoy the first aid?

It was great.  The practical was very welcome and Luke and Rufus were wonderful.  I feel it is essential to know this stuff if you keep an animal and particularly for us as healers – Robyn

Very good – particularly Emma’s style of teaching and the opportunity for practical work – Mel

It was very informative, learnt a lot.  A lot to take in but will do much more at home – Colette

That was good, well presented and nice rhythm – Robert

Emma is a really good teacher.  Loads to take in but very well put across.  4 legged helpers exceptional – Valerie

Loved it – Now feel better equipped to cope with emergencies I might encounter – Deborah

Really useful good to have practical experience of bandaging – Wendy

Very good teaching session with Patch, Collie mix and with Milo a lovely black cat – Margaret

How did you enjoy the RSPCA?

Great.  I love the practical sessions.  It’s also great experience to see the animals, leaning their stories and seeing the whole set up.  Very interesting as I volunteer giving healing in a centre near Bristol – Robyn

Yes! It’s great opportunity for more experience working with the animals there – Mel

Really enjoyed RSPCA especially working with puppies and a young cat – Colette

Visiting the RSPCA is always a lesson in positivity.  We remember to keep our energies up and to see the animals so forward to forever homes.  I really do think we make a difference – Denise

Ray the Jack Russell, Ty the Husky/Collie cross and Juiper the whippet cross from Portugal were amazing and it was a privilege to meet and work with them – wanted to take them all home as usual – Deborah

Love going there because it made me realise we make such a difference – Wendy 

How did you enjoy the reptile module?

Wonderful.  I have a special fascination for reptiles (just would love to meet a snake) – Robyn

Fantastic! It was great to hear from Mandy with all of her knowledge and for her allowing us to handle Cassie and Spike – Mel

Loved it – learned a lot form Mandy and from watching and healing Spike – Sue

Fabulous and fascinating.  Mandy has inspired me to learn more about Cassie Chameleon and Spike the Bearded Dragon.  Their energy was positive too – Denise

Very interesting.  Spike and Cassie special too.  To have such close encounters lovely – Valerie

This was terrific because I wouldn’t normally come into contact with reptiles – Sue

As I stated earlier the experience of dealing with different and ancient energies and meeting new and unusual brothers and sisters from different animal nations – Deborah

Excellent because I had never had the opportunity to meet any reptiles in usual circumstances – Wendy

Very good experience with Spike, bearded dragon, he sat on my hand during the healing session which was amazing – Margaret

Why is animal fund raising so important to you?

Especially at the moment because of the cuts and charities are always the first to suffer.  It also raises awareness of the needs and rights of animals and that they are equal to us – Robyn.

It is great to support the animals in need but it is also a way of getting other people interested in the cause and on board – Mel

Support financially to wonderful individuals who take the time to care for the creatures, spread the work about what people are doing to help – Colette

There is so little money available for all the good work people are doing to make lives of animals better.  Raised money can make a huge difference – Robert

To keep as many animals alive and well, where otherwise there would be no help available – Anita

So many animals are in need of our support as a natural balance to the cruelty they experience and sanctuaries rely on our assistance – Sue

Animals need us to have a voice for them as this planet as man generally puts himself first, endangering species by destroying their habitat.  We need to promote awareness and raise the profile of charities – Denise

So many animal charities depend on goodwill of the people running them with outside help it is really nice to be able to help – Valerie

Because they don’t have so much support as a lot of the other charities – Sue

Because the need is so great and it is essential to have the funds to give the animals involved the basics they require food / shelter  etc – Deborah

To support the wonderful people who dedicate their heart and souls for the benefit of animals – Wendy

So we can help people who take care of all the animals who need help – Margaret

How is this course changing your life?

It has been amazing.  It has met and exceeded my expectations – just all the stuff I wanted to learn and loads of practical experience.  Having such a wonderful peer group and amazing teachers has been such a privilege.  Also connecting with the HAO support group in Bristol – Robyn

In many ways – too many to say!  I am learning tons about animals but also about love and support of teachers and new friends and gaining confidence all the time.  Thank you for the sharing – Mel

Expanding my knowledge about animals and enabling me to meet so many animals.  Helping me to create the life I want to lead – Colette

Just working with unconditional love changing one – Robert

In so many ways.  It has opened my latent psychic abilities and given me even more respect for the animal kingdom and seeing them as equals (if not above us) – Anita

Very difficult to put into words.  I have always loved all animals and it is wonderful to be able to offer them something different and to see the effects on them – Sue

I have come from a very corporate background and it so enabling to use my softer skills in life, but perhaps to use both to combine a successful business with something that works with my heart – Denise

Learning so much about small animals, through the course and my assignments.  I know I am considering all animals in a different way and am looking for ways to best use my skills to help in a bigger way – Valerie

It is really fantastic to be able to do so much work with animals. I am feeling more confident as time goes by – Sue

My intuition has greatly improved and my life has become richer and more fulfilled because of the learning process involved and it has also brought my innate wisdom to the fore – Deborah

Expanding my horizons further than I ever thought, opening my eyes to a whole new world and way of life – Wendy

I have the thought of being able to work with animals in a professional way and to help them – Margaret