Call of the Wild Healing and Communication Weekend with Birds of Prey

Call of the Wild Healing and Communication Weekend

with Birds of Prey 2nd & 3rd June 2012



To be held at Trenderway Farm South East Cornwall

Download booking form for the 2nd & 3rd June 2012 here

I will be showing you various ways of healing animals from hands on to distant healing, connecting and telepathically linking with all sentient beings and developing your natural ability to communicate with all life. The power of meditation and being in the moment and applying creative visualisation skills to remain focused and grounded is vital for animal communication. On the Saturday we will be working with eagles, owls and birds of prey: Giving healing, handling them and observing them flying freely. You have an opportunity to practice the communication skills you have learnt during the day with these amazing birds. We will be learning basic wildlife husbandry skills and how to support the vital balance of nurturing nature. On the Sunday we will be honing our animal communication and healing skills with our canine and feline friends.There will be plenty of hands-on work over the two days.

Birds of Prey we will be working with include:

  • Russian Steppe Eagle
  • Barn Owls
  • Asian Wood Owl
  • Ferruginous Hawks
  • Harris Hawks
  • Turkmenian Eagle Owl
  • Eurasian Eagle Owl
  • African Spotted Eagle Owl
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Peregrine/Saker Falcon
  • Kestrel
  • Sparrowhawk
  • Tawny Owls
  • Buzzards

Testimonials for the Call of the Wild Weekend Workshop 2011

Thoroughly enjoyable day and very interesting. Great mix of displays and handling /healing. Fantastic to see such considerate and knowledgeable guardians with such obviously strong bonds with their birds. Very educational and enjoyable day. An unusual and productive workshop where the birds gave us an insight into their personalities. Sharon, Phil and Liz were excellent hosts full of information with a good sense of humour.  A rare experience. Bill

Well what a fabulous day. The birds, the weather and the lovely people I have met. Couldn’t have been better and then it did! I was privileged to be chosen to hold Woody. WOW! She has such a lovely energy it makes me smile. She adores Sharon and Phil. Fantastic, fabulous, superb day. What more can I say. Thank you. Becky

Had a wonderful experience with the birds. I love them all. A wonderful group of people and Phil & Sharon explained about the birds brilliantly. I loved watching the birds in flight. The healing experience was out of this world. Elizabeth’s enthusiasm and knowledge is outstanding. The sun shone – what more can we ask for – Thank you. Lisa

A wonderful day of healing, meditation, and watching the birds. I enjoyed Elizabeth’s lovely friendly enthusiastic side of teaching and all the input from Sharon and Phil. A lovely place and a very valuable day. Thank you. Floria

A really lovely day. I didn’t know what to expect! Peaceful. Flying was great. Healing was very interesting. I am really pleased I came and will remember this day with happy memories connecting with nature. Maggie

Really enjoyed the day, met some lovely people and learnt a lot about birds and also enjoyed the meditation which I plan to practise regularly at home. Margaret

I have enjoyed the workshop enormously. The bird meditation at the beginning was wonderful and I felt that I was able to draw the energy down with ease. To be able to spend so much time in the company of these wonderful creatures felt such a privilege and an honour. Although I didn’t received any direct messages I certainly felt the healing was being received, and I felt the energy going through my body and out through my hands. I felt it was a very informative day full of insights, and the displays very enjoyable. Harriot

A beautiful day. Met fantastic people and learnt about birds of pray and important rescue work needed. Left me thinking how I could help. Thank you. Dawn

It has been a lovely day thank you to all concerned. Spending time learning about these wonderful creatures, helping them and letting them help me has been very special. Tony

Wonderfully interesting day I haven’t had much to do with Birds of Prey. It was good to know more about them and spend time with them. A good first experience of an animal healing workshop with Elizabeth. The mediation gave a very good feeling and a good preparation to the healing. I look forward to the next…. Thank you. Linda

It was a great and wonderful day. Absolutely different to work with the energy of these birds. The place was wonderful and very enjoyable to work with a group of like minded souls. I liked everything. The discussions after the healing sessions were great confirmation for the groups. Thank you. Sarah

Wonderful day Amazing to connect with these magical birds and to offer them healing. Thank you to Phil and Sharon for sharing their dedication. Thank you Liz for today. A great workshop and one I shall remember. I will take away a feeling of warmth and love from the whole group. Deborah

A wonderful day. Such a privilege to be able to work with these beautiful birds at a spiritual level. I enjoyed all aspects of the day, thought it was paced well, with a good mixture of activities. Liz, Sharon and her partner where really great at giving information. There was no pressure throughout the day. Marion

Brilliant day, a real privilege to work with the owls and birds of prey. A day I will remember for a long while. Jessica

A lovely day, both weather wise and spiritually. The healing experience being my first has been very helpful and self calming. Being so close to these majestic creatures is a pure treat. Their magnetism is just fantastic. The sun and blue sky has been a blessing learning to connect with my roots, I feel more a sense of well being. Thank you, to Liz, Sharon and Phil and all the birds.Had an enlightening experience and felt a lot of warmth and energy coming from various directions. The meditation was especially illuminating and gave me an insight to what the path held for me. Speaking with members of my extended family make today an exceptional experience and everyone has the calming light. I feel really calm and must say thanks to the birds and to everyone who have helped today. Carol

I’m still observing all the experiences of the day. Working with these amazing and mesmerising creatures and so close to them. Feeling their energy and the strong link with them. JoThank you for a day offering such rich and vivid memories. To have the opportunity for such close contact with the wild and uncompromising beauty of wild birds was such a privilege and blessing. Thank you, Liz for your passion for your work, and your commitment to healing and honouring grand mother earth. I hope to work with you in the future. Sue