Basic Horse Care Weekend with Louise Bailey Bsc (Hons)

Basic Horse Care Weekend with Louise Bailey Bsc (Hons)

The basic horse care weekend has been designed for anyone who would like more experience with horses, and specifically for those students who wish to take the Diploma in Equine Healing with Elizabeth Whiter, yet have little experience with horses.  This includes people who have never been around horses before, alongside more experienced people who would like to build on their current knowledge.

As horses can be large and unpredictable, we feel that it is of paramount importance to have basic knowledge of safe working practice around horses at the very least, before working with them.

The weekend will cover many aspects of safe horse handling and care; with a blend of practical and classroom tuition.  Facilities are ideal for students, including: well-mannered horses of different sizes and ages, an enclosed ménage (sand school) for safe handling and riding practise and a barn-style classroom.

Topics will include:

  • Evolution of the horse – the flight animal
  • Horse behaviour and natural communication
  • Safe handling of horses in the stable and at grass
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Daily horse care & stable management
  • Basic nutrition
  • Common ailments and problems of the horse
  • Practical lameness assessment

Courses run throughout the year, in Sussex and cost £90 for the weekend.  Please contact Elizabeth for further details here