Animal Healing in Mongolia 2012

Graduate HAO members Jeannie, Barbara, Ella and myself went on a once in a life time trip to Mongolia to meet one of the smallest Nomadic tribes left in the world. This was not for the faint hearted as we trekked for miles by horseback, and endured all sorts of weathers and the most spectacular terrain. Our days were full; leading a nomadic life ourselves with our new found friends, eating what we could find and the provisions we brought with us, drinking water from the crystal clear streams and rivers and learning about the daytoday activities of making reindeer cheese and milk and tending to the herd of Mongolian horses and reindeer. It was such a privilege to be able to give healing and offer my plant food oils and herbage we had foraged from the forest to the animals. Many of the locals observed our animal healing sessions with great interest and a mutual respect and bond was formed between our combined knowledge of animal husbandry skills. We were then invited to extend our healing services to the local community and I was so proud of my “HAO sisters” as the local tribesmen were keen to receive spiritual healing for themselves. The girls set up chair healing sessions next to the campfire and a queue of locals were quick to take advantage of the benefits of a relaxing healing session. Not only was this an incredible experience to learn from our Mongolian friends about their way of life; we also found our inner shamans.