Acorn Trust

Acorn Trust

“the acorn project”

Animal Rescue | Education | Therapy

Initially set up in Somerset in 2004 by Steve Shore , the acorn project is now based in Lincolnshire and takes in animals from across the UK .
We provide quality care for all our animals and take on the more time-consuming cases such as orphan rearing, unusual, older or difficult animals who need specialist care, plenty of TLC or training.

Domestic animals are looked after in a “homely” environment and come to us through vets, animal centres and the public. With a network of carers, healers and volunteers we can look after a wide range of animals whilst at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.

Our wildlife hospital has been set up to care for our British native species such as hedgehogs, owls, bats and many garden birds. Looking after orphaned, abandoned or injured animals and birds until they can be successfully released back into the wild.

Our work also involves education in schools and colleges which we believe will save animal lives in the future through awareness and learning, as well as helping the environment and wildlife through conservation.

We also bring joy to the elderly, disabled and infirm through therapy and reminiscence learning visiting over 50 nursing and care homes..

Testimonial from Steve Shore

We have been working with Liz for many years now with great results with a wide variety of our animals and birds including our wildlife casualties. Liz has had an amazing impact on Merlin our resident barn owl and Boa constrictor Sidney who are completely relaxed in her presence. The techniques we have learnt through doing workshops and courses together help our animals daily and we are able to achieve good success rates in rehabilitating the garden birds, hedgehogs, bats and birds of prey who come into our care.

Healing the Barn Owl