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Train in Diplomas in Animal and Equine Healing with Elizabeth Whiter, author of The Animal Healer and principal of the Healing Animals Organisation Training School. Elizabeth has a complementary animal clinic in Sussex. The Healing Animals Organisation has over 700 graduates including veterinary surgeons and other veterinary professionals. Elizabeth specialises in relaxation techniques, nutrition and the use of indigenous plant material which students learn about on the Diploma in Small Animal Sensory and Food Enrichment. She runs a unique animal clinic- offering healing through emotional stress release for both animals and their guardians and receives regular referrals from vets, animal charities and NHS doctors. She is invited with her students to work at leading animal rescue centres in the UK and abroad.

Workshops with Elizabeth 2024


11-14 Diploma in Equine Sensory Enrichment


6 Animal Healing Circle and Guided
Meditation: 7–9 p.m

15-18 Diploma In Equine Healing and Communication

31 Animal Fair Harry Edwards Sanctuary Surrey

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2024 Diploma in Animal Healing for a Prospectus

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Diploma in Animal Healing

Professional One Year Diploma in Animal Healing Elizabeth’s pioneering Animal Healing School established in 2005 is the first to train and register graduates in Diplomas in Animal and Equine Healing with full insurance.

Diploma in Equine Healing

The Equine Diploma has plenty of practical healing experience and in-depth theory, working with a variety of different horses and ponies in rehabilitation, livery, competition, rescue, riding school and stud duties.

Diploma in Small Animal Sensory and Food Enrichment

Animals have an innate ability to self select plant material, herbage and food compounds to self nourish themselves. This rewarding course enables students to work with a range of animals at rescue centres and in private practice.

The Animal Healer by Elizabeth Whiter

Elizabeth shares her extensive knowledge and experiences of working with animals to show you how they act, feel, want and heal, examining all aspects of their welfare and well-being to bring both them – and you – the healthiest lifestyle